Friday, 13 May 2016

Roger & Gallet Fleur de Figuier

You may remember me mentioning this perfume in one of my past monthly favourites, and, much to my delight, for my 23rd birthday my big brother bought it for me. I discovered this particular scent by accident when I ordered a Vichy product and received a sample. I instantly fell in love with the unique, sweet and slightly spicy scent - I used to prefer sweet and girly scents like Anna Sui Dolly Girl and Marc Jacobs Oh Lola, but as I've grown up, these perfumes to be a little too ordinary and I find they don't really match my personality or style. If you're a fan of fragrances that are very different than the conventional female favourites, read on!

"Designed by the creator Francis Kurkdjian, Fleur de Figuier Eau Fraiche reveals all the fresh flesh tones of the delightful fruit. Initially you are enveloped by the fig leaves crisp aroma and fresh mandarin flowers, then the milk and notes of wood, create a warm and creamy background, this envelops you like a second skin, vibrant and sensual."

Roger and Gallet is a French brand that has been making perfumes for two centuries, the history is pretty interesting so if you want to know more about the brand, check it out here. The fragrance definitely has a strong scent of fig which I think is really unusual choice for a perfume, it totally works. The first sniff is rather musky and deep but it quickly transforms into a sweet and rather fruity aroma. It really is an intoxicating scent and is unmistakably unique - it is definitely going to be my signature scent! I adore it so much that I'm really intrigued to try some of their other perfumes; I quite like the sound of Bois d'Orange! You can even take a quiz on the website to see what your 'diagnosis' is and find the perfect product and scent for you.

Have you ever tried Roger and Gallet products? What is your favourite perfume?

Monday, 8 February 2016

Revolution Death By Chocolate Palette

I can never have too many eye shadows and so was delighted when I received this gorgeous palette for Christmas. I actually purchased the salted caramel version for a friend of mine, so was pleasantly surprised when I unwrapped this gift. The Death By Chocolate palette by Makeup Revolution is a selection of neutral shades inspired by everyone's favourite candy.
 Some people have compared it to the TooFaced Chocolate Bar palette and I get that as the colour scheme are definitely similar but personally, I think the main similarity is simply the concept. Unpopular opinion, but although TooFaced is a high-end brand, I actually prefer the packaging of this one! A mixture of shimmery and matt shadows, it's basically a neutral palette with a few brighter tones mixes in. The shadows are very pigmented and buildable, it's a perfect everyday palette.
It looks quirky and cute displayed on your dressing table and after trying this one, I'm certainly looking to collect some more. Next I'm thinking I may grab the white choccy palette with the slightly odd name Naked Chocolate or maybe even the Salted Caramel one for myself!
Have you tried any of the chocolate collection? And what's your favourite kind of chocolate? I like dark and white!

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Off Duty

Jumper - Selfridges ♦ Trousers - H&M ♦ Boots - Matalan ♦ Glasses - Replay ♦ Necklace - New Look
Earrings - Happy Trunk Apparel ♦ Rings - Pandora & a gift 
This weekend, I've been mostly chilling out - yesterday, I had out to Ashbourne with my family but apart from them I must confess I haven't moved much. Still, I want a look that would keep me looking stylish yet comfy. Cue the boyfriend's jumper. This wooly sweater is so comfy and perfect for keeping me warm and since barely wears it. I've decided to add it to my repertoire. 

Leopard print isn't for everyone, but I personally think with a low key toned down outfit, it can look very chic. These boots are deceivingly comfy and I can stomp around in them all day. And of course, a weekend with nothing to do requires glasses over contact lenses - ain't nobody got time for that!

What are you doing this weekend?

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Happy Trunk Apparel Crystal Skull Earrings

I love accessories but often forget to add earrings to an outfit. However, I received these adorable earrings after a giveaway Happy Trunk Apparel held on Facebook. These simple yet edgy earrings will go with so many things I'm going to make the effort to remember. 

Check out their website for more cute and unique pieces

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

December's Most Wanted

Fleur de Figuier ♦ Tray Lipstick Photo frames FreakChocolates

So it's finally December! I say finally - I feel as though this year has just flown by! In fact, I really don't know where the last two years have gone. I think everyone else in their twenties feels the same. It's all downhill from here, guys!

In an effort to cheer us all up, I've compiled a Christmas wishlist. Just so you know, I'm not spoilt enough to expect all these things - to be honest, I've struggled to think of things I'd actually like this year, my favourite present last year was a new lamp! That's a sign you're growing up if ever I heard one ...

Fleur De Figuier eau de parfum by Roger & Gallet

I discovered this unusual scent in the form of a sample I received with my Vichy Dermablend foundation a few months back. I tend to go for sweet younger scents so I was surprised by how much I liked this muskier perfume. As the name suggests, fig is the top note. The packaging kind of reminds me of a room spray but at the same time, I quite like it. It's cute and more practical than a glass bottle.

H&M Home tray

Although my dressing table at home is actually an IKEA desk, I'm attempting to dress it up as though it were a Parisian vintage vanity station. An essential part of this transformation is locating the perfect tray to organise my lotions and potions. I really like this metal mirror style, however I may scour the charity shops instead for something a bit more unique.

Lime Crime Lipstick in Chinchilla

I've never owned a product by Lime Crime, but I've long admired their beautiful unicorn lipsticks and this particular colour is one I've been coveting for the longest time. Chinchilla is a beautiful lilac grey and I feel it's a great place to start if you want to try more bold lip shades. This would be a perfect day colour for me.

Oliver Bonas photo frames

I have recently fallen in love with Oliver Bonas' home range collections, particularly these gorgeous frames. I'd make like Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter and make beautiful collages rather than just adding photographs to them.

Illamasqua Freak Perfume

Whilst working at Victoria's Secret, a friend introduced me to Freak by Illamasqua. Just like Fleur de Figuier, it's a more sophisticated scent than I'm used too, but I love it! Maybe I'm growing up, but I'm really into muskier darker perfumes and I just adore the packaging on this - I can't decide between the classic or Freak Scarab, they are both so lovely! I've not actually asked for this for Christmas as I think I might treat myself as New Year present, but it would make a fantastic gift for someone special. The Scarab variation of this scent is unisex, so it might make an interesting present for a guy with edgier taste.

Nectar & Stone Chocolates

I truly love looking at Nectar and Stone's beautiful creations. With aspirations to be a stylist, I'd love to use their artisan chocolates or ice lollies in a photoshoot. they look absolutely delicious and I would love to receive a box of these gorgeous choccies. Do check out their website and Instagram for more lovely images. You will not be disappointed.

So I have a question for you all - what was your favourite present of all time as a child? I think mine was my Winter Wonderland Bratz doll, I remember I was so excited to have her!

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Jacket, Joggers & Polaroids

Hi guys! I've had three glorious days off work this week so I decided to spend them in the sunshine. Here I am at Beacon Park in Lichfield, wearing the most comfortable joggers ever that you may have seen featured in my last OOTD. They are like pajamas, but stylish. 

You may have noticed my snazzy pink Instax Mini 8 case - I recently picked this one up from Amazon for a mere £9.99! It's the perfect way to protect my pretty little camera. What have you guys been up to during the rare days of sunshine we've been having?

Hope you're enjoying the lovely weather

Jacket - H&M ♦ Top - Republic ♦ Joggers - H&M ♦ Mules - ASOS ♦ Glasses - Replay ♦ Headband - Claires ♦ Camera case - Amazon

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Lazy Look

This is my attempt at staying comfy yet stylish. I threw on a pair of slouchy joggers and this no-fuss jumper with my latest slingback kitten heels, this time in black. I think the shoes pulled the outfit together and made it look more off-duty and less 'I'm-wearing-my-PJs'. 

I went out for dinner with my boyfriend and brother today so I wanted to look presentable with little effort. That's why this shoes are such a great staple - paired with literally anything, they take an outfit from okay to amazing.

What do you think?

Jumper - New Look ♦ Joggers - H&M ♦ Shoes - Peacocks ♦ Glasses - Replay ♦ Hair bow - New Look ♦ Necklace - River Island ♦ 
Bracelets - old ♦ Bag - New Look
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