Thursday, 18 December 2014

Black & Lavender lips

Recently, I've become a lot more experimental with my choice of lip colour. As someone who had never quite got red lipstick to work for me, I wanted to try something even bolder. So what's bolder than red? Black of course. Here, I've softened it with an icy lavender colour. I don't know what made me try this out today other than the fact I couldn't decide which colour to go for, but I really love it.

What do you think?

Monday, 15 December 2014

Winter Weekend Break 2014

This weekend, my Mom, Dad, little brother, Alfie (the puppy) and I went to Whitemead in the Forest of Dean for a Christmas weekend break. We stayed in a lovely apartment on the resort and had the most lovely time. We've been coming to Whitemead since we were little so it's a place that's very dear to me. The pictures below are from Taurus Craft Centre which is full of stalls selling vegan and veggie food, handmade gifts, luxury deli items and much more. 

Hope you had a great weekend!

Monday, 1 December 2014

Happy 4th Anniversary!

Jacket - Peacocks ♦ Shirt (worn as dress) - Sheinside ♦ Shorts - eBay ♦ Heels - Peacocks 
Earrings - Vivienne Westwood ♦ Bracelets & ring - Pandora ♦ Gold ring - a gift

Today marks the countdown to Christmas and it's especially special as it's mine and Jack's fourth year anniversary. It's crazy how fast the time has gone, but I don't think either us could imagine our lives without the other in it. I kind of feel like Little Red Riding Hood amongst the trees here, except I'm not in red and the 'wood' is just my new wallpaper. 

This 'dress' just arrived today, I really love it, it's a like a baby-doll style skirt. I decided to wear it like this as it came up a bit bigger than expected, but tucked into trousers it will still make a lovely shirt. We planned to go out for dinner, but we realised none us were hungry and none of the Christmas events start until Wednesday, so we just went cruising and chilled for ages before heading back to get takeaway.  I think we'll do something else this week but for now, I hope you like my anniversary outfit

Happy 1st December!

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Dogtooth & Fluff

Jacket - Peacocks  ♦ Tee - River Island ♦ Trousers - New Look ♦ Shoes - Monki
Faux fur hat - Claires ♦ Faux fur collar - eBay ♦ Glasses - Replay ♦ Lips - Barry M

These pictures have made me realise how much I need to clean my camera lens. I've always called this pattern dogtooth, but recently I've been hearing many vloggers and bloggers refer to it as houndstooth. It's a bit like when everyone started calling beetlecrushers creepers; I think I'm the only person I know who has ever called them beetlecrushers, besides my Mom. I happened to catch a Greek film called Dogtooth late at night once, if you like odd movies, check it out.

Anyway, anyone notice the lip colour? I decided that since the dark lip is in during AW, I wanted to take it one step further and try the much feared black lipstick. I love it! The key to getting it vampy and not gothy is minimal eye make-up (I'm just wearing mascara) and an outfit that isn't too dark which is why I added my silver boots. A feminine floral outfit would work too. If you want to try it but you're a little nervous, fill your lips in with a black lip liner and paint a nude colour over the top for a more subtle, grey tone. 

What do you think of black lipstick? 

Friday, 21 November 2014

The A/W Edit 14

The temperature has plummeted, the nights are drawing in and the dark lip stains are coming out. Despite an unseasonably warm September, in comes November and we are in no doubt that Autumn is here and Winter is on it's way. So put your brolly away, make a cup of tea, get your feet up and enjoy my picks for everything you need in the beautiful seasons of Autumn and Winter. 

The Outfit
Keeping warm and stylish in the cooler months...

do I have resting bitchface..?
I typically wear darker hues at any given time but in the latter end of the year, they seem most appropriate. I love this faux fur collar from eBay and have been wearing it with everything - it instantly adds a touch of glamour to even a simple outfit. Boots are must - these are from New Look. I picked up this hat in an Antique/vintage store in London and I think it's perfect for the season.  

The Beauty Stuff
Wind-resistant hair and smoky eyes ...

My make-up is pretty minimal when it comes to my eyes, but recently I've been smudging a little eyeshadow on my lowerlash line and flicking out out towards the end. It gives a grungy yet pretty look, I've been following Beautycrush's tutorial below to achieve this.
My hair is mainly covered up with a hat through most of the colder months, but when I do decide to brave the elements with a bare head, I have to make sure my locks are on point. My go-to hairstyle recently has been a high ponytail secured with a cute bow hair bobble. I find it's easiest to achieve if you tip your hair upside down in order to gather all the stray hairs. I also love a fishtail plait to the side as it looks good on it's on or peaking out under a hat. 

The Music & Movies
The sights and the sounds ...

Halloween may be over, but that doesn't mean you need to put the scary movies away. I used to hate horror movies but recently I've found myself watching lots, from golden oldies like Poltergeist to the absurdly awful Drag Me to Hell. When it comes to new movies, I'd highly recommend Gone Girl - at two and half hours it's a long one so I'd skip the large-size drink if I were you! I also am cautiously optimistic when it comes to the new Paddington film (Nov 28), I just hope it doesn't ruin my childhood!

Of course, when Halloween and Bonfire Night are out of the way, it's time for festive films! One of my absolute favourite Christmas films is the Patrick Stewart version of A Christmas Carol - I watch it several times on the run up to Christmas.For nostalgia, I love Mickey's Christmas Carol and when I'm done with all the mushy movies, I just have to crack out Bad Santa!

Recently, I've been listening to Justin Sane's album Life, Love & The Pursuit of Justice. His mardy, whiny voice is right up my street and just puts me in the mood for the cold weather. I have to be honest, the new tunes haven't really dazzled me this season, but I'm loving Janet Devlin's second album Running With Scissors, checking out her Friday I'm in Love cover.

The Food Stuff
What to munch on ...
My spicy bean burger with cheese and mango chutney - amazing!

Of course, candy apples are the way to go! My friend Alex posted a great tutorial last year for these treats, check them out here. When it comes to dinner, one of my favourite winter warmers is a large steaming bowl of chilli (veggie of course) and tacos. Chilli is one of the easiest meals to cook as you literally just throw everything in a pan and let it do it's thing. If you don't fancy cooking, The Spode Cottage in Rugeley is one of my favourite places to eat - they do amazing burgers with really delicious and unusual topping combinations. If you'd like to check it out, I have a review of the place here 

The beverage of choice has to be a milky hot chocolate - preferably with squirty cream and a little cocoa powder dusted on top. However, the amazing Divas Can Cook recently uploaded a tutorial on how to make delicious caramel apple spice drink. I'm yet to try this myself but it's definitely an activity for chilly cosy nights. I was recently introduced jasmine green tea which I'm loving. 

Hope this gave you some ideas for the upcoming months!

Friday, 24 October 2014

The Graduate

Dress - River Island Shoes - New Look ♦ Bracelets - Pandora ♦ Necklaces - Gifts

Jack & I
My Dad and I
Mom and I 
The uni girls! Sophie, Laura & Vikki
Guess this is old news now, but job-hunting has seriously taken over my life for the past few months. The day I never believed would come came - GRADUATION! It sounds cliche, but the time really has flown by - one minute I was a frightened little fresher just beginning my degree and now I'm a frightened little graduate, pursuing my career path. It's both exiting and terrifying at the same time.

I was so nervous for my graduation ceremony, convinced I was going to trip on stage and embarrass myself. Thankfully, it all went smoothly and after an anxious start, I really started to enjoy my day. I was glad to have the support of my mom and boyfriend Jack, my Dad even managed to pop out to see me in his lunch break. For anyone who is still at uni, study hard, I promise it will be worth it.

love Alice x

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Fashion Statement

Jumper - My Mom's ♦ Shorts (barely seen) - New Look ♦ Shoes - Charity shop ♦ Glasses - Replay ♦ 
Watch - Swatch   Necklaces - Gifts
Don't freak out, I am wearing shorts! Sorry the pictures are a little dim, they were taken hastily on an iPhone at night. It's no secret that I'm an animal lover, but a few of you may not know that I'm also a life-long vegetarian. Animal rights is something I feel very strongly about which is why I love this hand-me-down jumper so much. I love fashion and I think it's a great way to get your views out there in an un-intimidating and cool, conversation starting way.

 Bottom line - don't wear animals folks! There's many alternatives, such as faux-fur and faux-leather. Anyway, who wants to wear part of a corspe? Leave the fur where it belongs - on beautiful, majestic animals. Don't be jealous because we're just skin and hair!
By the way, earlier in the year, I posted a recipe for vegetarian lasagne cupcakes, if you fancy trying veggie food, check it out here.

Speak soon guys.

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