Thursday, 31 May 2012

Gold, Bronze & a bit of Mint

Still got my WS1 wristband on. Can't get it off.

It's another warm yet not so sweltering day today. Actually, it's just been raining. Boo. I hope we're not back to horrible English weather again. However, today I picked up some brochures for my jolly holiday so I'm feeling pretty perky :3

Because it wasn't quite so bright (and also because I couldn't be arsed to shave my legs) I shoved my mint jeans on, but it was still warm enough to wear just my Red or Dead tee, which jingles whenever I move. I've been wearing these jeans waaaaay too much recently, but I do love them so much. I actually found some hot pink ones in Republic - for only £10! But it wasn't meant to be as there was only a size 10 left, and I need a 6. Waaaaaah. Hopefully I'll find them elsewhere...

I picked up these awesome shiny gold converse lookalikes ages ago from (would you believe it) Sainsbury's for, if I remember correctly, an amazing price of £8. Good, no? I credit myself as quite the bargain hunter, even if I do say so myself B)

I've recently rekindled my love affair with bracelets and dug this little beauty out of the depths of my jewellery box. Or rather, a tub that sits on my bedroom floor, overflowing. It's from my old workplace, Claire's Accesories, but I'm not entirely sure that it's still available, as I've had it for quite a long time. Sadly, one of the snake's eyes have fallen out :( I haven't got round to sticking some substitute gems in yet. I still think it looks cool though, and I chose to wear it with this because the colours went well with my tee and make-up.

I'm actually not a big eye-make up wearer, I used to be, but I've kind of slipped out the habit recently, just a slick of liner and a couple coats of mascara and I'm good to go. In order to match my gold and bronzy accents, I decided to crack out my Front Cover Rainbow Eyes pallete. I would reccommend this to everyone and anyone. It's about the size of an A4 piece of paper and comes with tips on how to create directional looks. Plus, the shadows are huge and dome shaped, so they take forever to run out. What's even cooler is it comes with a special shadow liner converter - it can turn any one of the shadows into a eye liner. You can also buy a refill of this, how cool :3

I used a shimmery browny bronze called Mother of Pearl for the lid of my eyes and highlighted the corners with a pale beige called Biscuit. The lighting of this pic's a bit weird, kinda purpley and you can't really see the colours well aha but hopefully you can make out the shimmery goodness. It's a shame you can't see properly as the pigments are really bright and vibrant.

Scarf - not sure, sorry
T shirt - Bank
Jeans - Topshop
Trainers - Sainsbury's
Bracelet - Claire's Accesories
Watch - Jeremy Scott for Swatch

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Strippin' down to the bra(let)

I know I keep going on and on about it, but I looooove this lovely sun we've been having. It's because I'm a heat-deprived little Midlands girl, and sunlight is a rarity and a luxury. As it's been getting so steamy, I've stripped down to my bra(let).

This was what I wore when Jack and I took a short trip to the Chase for a walk and headed back for a BBQ, veggie of course ;) I haven't worn this skirt much, I ordered it online in the same transaction as this skull bralet ages ago. It was longer than I had expected, so I'd put it to one side for a bit, slightly disappointed. However, I've got over my initial put-offy-ness and realised it's the perfect length to wear with a sexy crop like this.

I was wearing my new extensions to begin with, but it was way to hot for long long hair, so I dumped them back at my pad for the day. I'll be showcasing them soon enough :)

Bralet - Topshop
Skirt - Topshop
Heart necklace - a gift
Love bracelet - Topshop
Love me not necklace - Topshop
Watch - Jeremy Scott for Swatch
Black bracelet - can't remember, soz :3

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Big ol' Soap & Glory bundle

Yet another pressie post aha :) My brother and his girlfriend Emma bought me this lovely bunch of Soap and Glory products. I've long admired these soapy and glorious products, the only thing I previously owned from the brand was the exfoliating gloves, which by the way, I love.
I love the iconic old school style of the packaging and the old fashioned models they use. I found out something really cool about this brand - if you send in an old pic, like of your grandma as a young lady, they could use your image on their products, which is a wicked idea 8)

Top to bottom - Scrub your nose in it, Calm one calm all, The Righteous Butter, Hair Turban,
Sexy Mother Pucker, Mist Me Madly

Scrub Your Nose in it
So you may have guessed by the name, this is an exfoliating scrub but also doubles up as a deep cleansing mask. I always tend to expect Soap and Glory lotions and potions to have a sweet smell and of a light colour, so I was surprised to squeeze out a minty blue thick cream, which if I'm honest, reminded me of toothpaste, in a good way :') The smell is really fresh and feels really cool on the skin, particularly when you leave on for three minutes as a mask. after using it it the night before, I did notice the next day my face seemed more dewy and fresher than it tends to look first thing in the morning :')

Calm one, Calm all
Calm one calm all is a bubble bath with moisturising lotion within it. If you add it to a full bath, you end up with a tub brimming with lovely bubbles. Make sure you put plenty in if you want a totally bubbled up tub :) It has the same scent of the Righteous Butter (below) so when you moisturise with it afterwards, they complement each other, which is always nice. It leaves my skin smelling sweetly scented and smooth.

The Righteous Butter
I think this is my favourite product of the lot. It's a gorgeous smelling body moisturiser, but I've also used it on my face and neck 'cause I like it so much. As you can see, it comes in a big mighty tub so it will take ages to run out. The tag line says your skin will be so smooth that 'you'll swear your wearing velvet', and this is really accurate and it made my skin feel so silky and fresh, especially after exfoliating. The smell is so sweet and lovely and I get little whiffs of it all day long. My boyfriend and mom both commented on the nice smell, but don't worry it's not overpowering at all, it's just like a little subtle scent.

Hair Turban
My sister used to have one of these (not exactly sure what happened to it) and I was constantly stealing it so I'm pretty pleased to know have my own. It's so useful when I'm applying moisturiser and make-up and want to keep my annoying little hairs out of the way.
Sexy Mother Pucker
What a cheeky little name! I see what they did there ;) This naughty little lip gloss gave me quite a surprise. I applied it to my lips and started to feel a tingling sensation. It was then i realised it was lip-plumping gloss. I got quite excited then as I've never owned one before. The cool tingly stops after a minute or so. My lips looked noticeably pouty and I'm always drawn to glosses and lipsticks with scents and this one smells like marshmallow. Win win.

Mist Me Madly
I don't use body mists regularly it's usually perfume for me, but since the weather is heating up, this will be perfect for shoving in my bag on a hot day. The scent is light and sweet, not too much so could be worn as an accompaniment to perfume during the day without overpowering the smell or mixing together. I also love the bottle shape, it reminds me of a potion :3 Admittedly, it's not my normal kind of scent, it's a bit soft for my regular taste, but it makes for a refreshing spritz when I need cooling down.

Have you people tried any Soap and Glory products? What do you think of them? If not, hope my little review helped you guys :) Laterzz.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Wearing bloomers on a sunny day

Yo yo guys! It's been an absolute scorcher of a day, but I'm not gonna complain. We all know how short-lived and disappointing the Great British Summer can be, so I'm soaking up all the sun I can. Still white as a milk bottle as you can see, but hopefully I'll have a glowing sun-kissed tan soon. Either that, or I'll be burnt to a crisp.

I haven't worn these shorts for ages, in fact, I'd kind of forgotten about them. I was searching for my skater skirt but can across these lovely bloomers instead, so threw them on.  They do look like bloomer knickers, but I kinda like that. I like that a lot. I also love the cute card suites pattern on them, and they kept me lovely and cool all day.

Showcasing my nerdy necklace gift today! I really really love it, I think I'm gonna be cracking it out quite often, so expect to see it just hangin' there every now and again :3
I've been searching for fabrics and bits and bobs today so I can keep myself occuiped over the holiday. Got lots of inspiration so stay tuned :)

How's the weather guys? Hope it's as hot as good ol' Brum :)

Cardigan - New Look
Blouse - Topshop
Shorts - Primark
Shoes - Red
Geek Necklace - Topshop
Bracelet - Pandora
Watch - Jeremy Scott for Swatch

Rhubarb & Custard Nails

I didn't actually base these nails on rhubarb and custard sweets, it was Jack who made the comparsion so I thought it would be a good idea to blog about them. These are so simple to do and look really pretty :) Here's how to do it ..

♦ Paint your whole nail yellow ♦ Take a pink polish and stroke it along the end diagonally ♦ Get a glittery striper polish (or toothpick if you don't have one) and line the partition between the colours   ♦ Finish with a top coat and you're done!

And it's as simple as that. I did my other hand blue and yellow so I guess these can be blueberry and custard sweets. Do they even have them? They should have them.

Rhubarb and custards are one of my favourite boiled sweets, I really fancy some right now.
Hope you guys like sweetie my nail art :)

Monday, 21 May 2012

Lotsa jewellery and a pair of socks :3

Another present post! Bet you guys are getting jelly now ;) These are cute little accessories from my friends Laura and Jordan, I decided to put them all in the same post so I wouldn't have heaps and heaps of posts to make you all envious ;D Jordan also gave me a huge box of Jaffa Cakes, although I don't have a picture, I assure you they are delicious ;3

How geeky is this? After receiving this funky necklace, I've realised I've got a thing for handle-bar moustaches. Such I shame I can't grow one myself, but at least I can wear one :3 I can't wait to pair this with a really sophisticated and sexy LBD, just for jokes :3 Stay tunedd.

This multichain necklace will look great with a festival look because it's just the right amount of boho. Now I really can't wait until Summer!

The lighting changed here.. I took the pic later ya see

I really really love this one, I like the tiered effect the chains fall into to spell out the words. This is gonna look good with everything and I'm looking forward to experimenting. I think it would look sexy peeping under the collar of a shirt.

Leopard print is always a winner for me and I love alice bands and headwraps, especially for when I'm wearing my hair up. when I'm having a bad hair day, I love to just twist my hair up into a messy mess and throw a wrap on top. I like the sheer chiffon-y material.

I often overlook bracelets by accident, I just forget to wear them. I used to wear them all the time. The only bracelets I tend to wear these days are my Pandora and my (slightly cute but soppy) couple braided bracelet which hasn't left my wrist since I got it god knows how long ago. This causal and funky little one has reminded me that bracelets are cool .. and I love them! I feel I should be at the beach with luxury wavy locks and a sarong on with this bracelet. The reality may be quite different...

This one too ahaha ah well 8)

How absolutely cute are these frilly socks? I've been after some for a while, and they are a beautiful mint green, one of my favourite colours :) Everyone knows these look great with creepers, but I'm also gonna try these cute lil' socks with simple high heels for a funky look on a night out.

What do you think of my new accessories? :)

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Kickin' back old skool

Note my bro's ice hockey tops - so stylish ;)

Yo! I've only done one outfit post so far this month, so thought I'd just shove this one in here :)
Finally showcasing my top from Cow, it's cool, no? It's a really interesting material and so funkaay. I decided to go all retro today, after running around Cow for an hour or two I've gone a bit retro crazy. My mom thinks I look like a 80's TV presenter in this outfit, but that's a cool look, right?
I think adding the boots and skinnier than skinny jeans make it look more modern and fresh. It's rare to see me in jeans, I have a bit of an immuness to them, and an addiction to leggings. But because these are such a good fit and are rolled and cropped at the bottom they don't swamp me or make me look ridiculously short as I am :')
Like my 80's TV presenter look?
My mom thinks I'm cool ... ;)
Top - Cow
Jeans - Topshop
Boots - Hypnotic
Watch - Jeremy Scott for Swatch

Monday, 14 May 2012

Janine Basil Hats & Hair Accesories

In addition to my Alice in Wonderland sweater, my lovely sister Rose knows I like all things hairy, (bad joke?) so got me these really unique and hand-made accesories by Janine Basil as part of my buffday present. I'm a massive fan of hand-made stuff and I was so impressed by the quality and kookiness of the accesories. I love the fact that she also takes custom orders, so you can have something really different and special! 

She specializes in  retro hats, fascinators and other hair accesoires. My sister picked the star hairband and, again with the Alice theme, the pack of cards hair clip. I can't wait to wear them, and I think my grip will look great with a messy updo ;D

My hair band came beautifully wrapped in pink tissue tired with a delicate bow, whereas my clip was in it's own little box, surrounded by tissue and a few cards with Janine's details and cute photos on the back. As well as accesories similar to mine, Janine creates some amazing special occasion hats. They are so intricate and funkayyy and if you have a unique style, you are so gonna love these accesories. I'd seriously advise you check her out right NOW!

On the back on my card; Love this one!

Check out her Facebook for more pics :)

Janine Basil


Sunday, 13 May 2012

Black Milk, Wonderland and Waves

Room looking rather messy but Look! Tetris :3
Baggy jumper and leggings - winner.

These days, money is what old timers like myself tend to get which is awesome, but it's always nice to get a few lovely little gifts - and mine were very lovely. Unfortunately Jack's had some issues with ordering my present and whatnot, so it hasn't arrived yet, but it prolongs my buffday further, which is always nice :3

So I'm showing off some of my birthday presents here - my Alice in Wonderland sweater curtesy of my sister Rosie, my amazing Black Milk leggings from Alex and I've used my Babyliss Wave Envy Tongs from my parents. I hadn't seen my good friend Jordan on my birthday day aha so she, myself and Alex rocked up to Pizza Hut for tasty treats and gurd timez.

I've had my eye on this sweater for a long time and I was surprised and very pleased to recieve it. It's so cute and will go with loadsa stuff! I like Alice themed stuff, 'cause, yano, my name's Alice.

And as my for leggings, I've admired and loved Black Milk leggings for some time now and I had no idea Alex was gonna purchase these little beauties. If you haven't heard of Black Milk, ohmigosh get from under dat big ass rock and check out them now!

Tiny feet. Size 3. So glad I'm not a guy.

Shall be updating on my other pressies :3

Black Milk, checkit now. Now, I say, now :3

Thursday, 10 May 2012

My Buffday ♥

1. The map 2. Monorail 3.Laura 4. Random ducks 5. Hey there 6. Hello Alex 7. People in costume freak me out 8. Onboard the Charlie ride 9. Jack is enjoying the ride 10. As is Alex 11. Same ride, nice view 12. I liked this pretty thing

It's been a busy (not so busy) week. After gruelling months of torture  lectures and assignments, I've finally completed my first year of uni as a Fresher, which means I can retire to the life of a lazy students for a few months. My only regret is I did not, I repeat, did not attend one bar crawl. Gaaaasp. I know it's so shameful, but what can you do. Not a lot. Meep.
Ah well, moving on to the most important bit of this posttttt. *Drumroll* Yesterday was my birthdaaaaaay! I graced Alton Towers with my presence and am proud to say I didn't chicken out of all the scary rides.  The only ones I FLAT-OUT REFUSED to go on were Nemesis and Oblivion. Yeah, I'm a big girl's blouse. Don't judge me.

Oblvion. Scary stuff.

Had a slight mis-hap - I locked my 2 for 1 tickets inside the house and also my key. Oops. we had to haul ass to Jack's house and get his and we were off! It's really worth going during the week while the kiddies are at school. The longest queue we had to wait in was probably about 15 mins for Nemesis Sub Terra - which by the way, is very good, if a little short aha.

The ride I did not really appreciate was Rita as it was mean to my body, we all bashed our heads on the restraints and when I got off I swear I punchered a lung or cracked my ribs. I hadn't. But yeah, it was too fast and rough for my liking.

My favourite ride I think was Air, and I also liked Thirteen. Air was freakin' scary when they flip you horizontally but it really is ammmaaaaaaazing to feel like a birdy in the sky :3 muaha Thirteen was really good, but I honestly I didn't consider it the 'scariest roller coaster ever'. Having said that, it was awesome, I'd reccommend.


We managed to go on: Sonic Spinball, Enterprise, Hex, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ride, Ice Age 4D cinema, Thirteen, Rita, Air, Nemesis Sub Terra, Duel, The Runaway Mine-Train and The Rapids. Alex and Jack braved Nemesis, but Laura and I decided to just observe :')

I'm rather glad I have no pictures of me, as I looked pretty rough after a few too many rides. But I assure you I had a brilliant day :) Will post about presents another day ;D

Inabit doods.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Reppin' Narzipan

Decided to post about my Narzipan sweater :) Alex and I went to the Clothes Show last December, (AKA, our heaven) and we came across this delightful little stall selling the most beautiful sweaters and jewellery our little eyes ever did see. The girls running the stall were really lovely and let us try on everything. I chose this amazing sequin bow sweater in a bright aqua colour, one of my favourite greens :3

As everyone was selling cheaper at the clothes show, I picked up this beauty for an amazingly cheap £25. It sells for £35 online which is still a great price, especially when you think about how much a hand-made and detailed jumper like this would cost in high-street shops.

It has this funky scrunchy sequined detail, with a big bow at the shoulder. I love how Narzipan's stuff has a kinda clown style look to it, it's awesome! I strongly suggest you check out their stuff, I love their jumpers especially. Everything is totally unique and handmade, probably the best sweaters I've seen so far, especially for so cheap :)

Check out the online store

They've also got a blog, too

Sweater - Narzipan, obvs.
Leggings - Primark.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Umberto Giannini Glam Hair Backcomb In A Bottle - Reviewed.

If, like me, you have fine hair and struggle to get it big and bouncy, you need to try Umberto Giannini Glam Hair - Backcomb In A Bottle. The sleek and stylish bottle should be enough to attract the eye, but the results certainly will have you rushing back to the shops to get more.
The product claims to create the look and texture of back-combed hair without the inevitable damage and tangle and guess what people - it actually does :| After spritzing into a few sections of my hair and styling it in 
My advice is quite simply go out and get this NOW.
Have you used this or a similar product?

This is an older review from my tumblr blog Bambino Sayz,  but I wanted to share it on here 'cause I love this product :)

Friday, 4 May 2012

New ID i-Volumise - Reviewed.

Yesterday, a women approached my friend  Laura and I and offered us a chance to get our hair styled, facials, and have a photoshoot, Sounds pretty interesting, no? We also recieved free New ID i-Volumise mascaras and 'cause I don't get free stuff often, I thought I go ahead and do a little review for you doods.

I tend to go for lengthening mascaras rather than volumising, so I was curious to try this one. The case is chunky and funky and looks expensive. The wand is reaaaally thick and I was surprised at how short the actual wand was ahaa I thought this was gonna make it hard to maneuver but it was really easy to use.

After using it, my eyelashes look really thick and blacker than black after only about three coats of mascara. What I always hear people complaining about cheap mascaras is that they tend to clump if you aren't careful. You guys will be pleased to hear I didn't get one single clump with i-volumise wahhh :) The coating looks natural and thank god, un-spidery.

Now, there's just the unpleasant matter of the bill muaha.The lady says it's priced at a pretty hefty £23, but I've found it online for a more reasonale £15, so to be honest, I don't know what she's chatting :')

Sooo guys, the overall thoughts coming outta my brain. If you're searching the beauty couters in vain for a volumising mascara, try this one out. it does exactly what is says on the tin. Case, whatever. It's not a cheap brand so it doesn't clump and it comes off easily. Plus, it looks nice. I'm still more into lengthening ones if I'm honest, but it would work really well with statement bright make-up for a night out or party :)

Oooooo FYI, my top is from the super shtylin' peeps at Narzipan


Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Grown up thoughts bout growin' up

Thought I'd mix things up with a pondering about my upcoming birthing celebration. May has begun which means the sun should, in theory, be coming out in all it's yellowy glory. Here's hoping anyway. Well as you guys probably know, it's my birthday next week a week today on the 9th of May, and I'll be turning 19. Wow. I feel like I've just gone 18. I don't like I want to stay a child, like Peter Pan :'(

Last year, I had one of the best birthdays ever. Not just because of the amazing presents, and they were amazing, there were many other reasons. I could finally (legally) get drunk and at long last, get myself inside a club. I haven't left since it seems :') But the vital factor that made my 18th so great was because of the people I had with me. Spoiler alert: this may get slightly soppy. Apologies. In 2011, it felt as though my life was complete and I had everything I needed. A great family, wonderful friends and a pretty lovely boyfriend. For all these reasons, I can't see how 19 can trump 18 :')

My two favourite people ♥
Alex, me, Jack on my buffday last year

But I've got to thinking - everyone's gotta grow up someday. And although I might not be new to the freedom I felt last year, I'm wiser from having it before, like an owl 8) And I still have those great people in my life, my wonderful family and friends, with a few added extras :3 So I guess that being 19 is gonna be just as good, and perhaps not as scary as I first thought. Sure, we wanna be forever young, but I've got many years of craziness left in me. Trust.

Here's some pictures of my 18th birthday celebrations, can't wait to share my 19th ones :) Oh yeah, you make think I've only got one friend as she's always pictured with me, but I swear, there was more than just us two :') We're just joined at the hips. Soul Sistars forever 8)

The girls & the floating head pahaha

Tasty cake - hope my 19th one steps up to the challenge :3

If anyone's read my mental little ramblings, I do hope you've enjoyed them ;D
Laters peeps.

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