Saturday, 27 July 2013

Disney Princess Engagement Rings

I'm not looking to tie the knot yet but after spying these beauties, I could be convinced sooner than expected! (just kidding, Jack). Every girl wants to feel like a princess, so what better time than when she's proposed to? Check out these elegant Disney engagement rings; each inspired by a different classic princess. 

I love the little details - from the tiny shells on Ariel's ring to the gorgeous rose on Belle's. It is so hard to pick a favourite; I think it's between Cinderella's, Belle's and Aurora's. Unfortunately, this is the only picture released so far, I'd love to see them from the front. No news yet on when or where the rings will be sold but I really can't wait to see them in person, even if it is to just stare and not wear! 

Are you enchanted by these stunning rings? Would you ever have a Disney engagement ring and of course, which is your favourite?

Friday, 12 July 2013

Sun, Threads & Pale Legs

Hi all! It was such a sunny day that my impossibly pale skin has made me look like a complete ghost! I'm sorry about the serious brightness of these pictures; I tried to change the settings on my camera but it just couldn't handle the heat. I shall have to pick out a new one soon. I'm quite annoyed that some of the photographs have a little too much glare; I can't get over how white my legs look. I swear I'm not as pasty as this in real life, I promise you! 

I'm afraid this is yet another post where my face is looking less than happy, hey, it's not my fault that the sun makes me squinty! Speaking of which, how insane is this British Summer? I am loving every moment of it. In fact, I'm shocked at the amount of people complaining about heat. Okay, its pretty hot, but would you really prefer a drizzly grey July? Exactly. 

By the way, I have really exciting news - we're getting a puppy! Well, Jack has been thinking of getting a dog for some time; his Springer Spaniel Taz passed away about a year or two ago and ever since then, being such a dog person, he has been longing to have another happy little friend about the house. We've chosen the sweetest little Springer puppy ever and he'll be ready to come home next week, so look out for posts full of overdoes of cuteness!  ♥

Anyway, enjoy the sun while we have it, Brits. 

Shirt - the boyfriend's 
The Smiths tee - a gift
Shorts - market
Trainers - Vans
Hairband - Primark

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Leopard Legs

Moody face

I'm back with an OOTD, finally!
 These photos are actually from a few weeks back when it wasn't quite as warm but I'd completely forgotten about them until today. I realise how long it's been since I've written a proper outfit post so I thought I'd share this one with you guys. Don't I look moody? I wasn't, I promise. In fact, I was just on my way to meet my best friend in town for a spot of shopping so I was pretty pumped for a busy day.

How do you like my tights? My sister's friend gave them to me, apparently she hadn't even worn them once! I guess they aren't for everyone, but I think heavily patterned tights can really brighten up a plain outfit. Plus, I've always been a sucker for animal prints. 

I have another very summery outfit post coming up very soon; look out for my milky white legs! 

Cardigan - Layers
Tee - H&M
Skirt - New Look
Shoes - Urban Outfitters
Geek necklace - Topshop
Heart necklace - a gift
Tights - a gift

Monday, 1 July 2013

Google Reader's going bye byes!

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See you on the other side x
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