Monday, 21 January 2013

URB Melting Tights

New year, new trends. And this one's got everyone divided. Say hello to melting tights.

Created by edgy German brand URB using a mixture of latex and baby powder, these funky tights are supposed to look like colour is literally melting down your legs. They even make them for men!
 Certainly unique. 

So the big question, would you wear these?
How cute are these?

Really love these ones!

I'll tell you where I am on this look. I'm usually all for grunge, but I'm not sure I could rock the black and white ones, I'd feel like I'd eaten a panda and messed myself, but they look great on the model. I absolutely adore the subtle glittery ones, you guys know I'm all about the sparkle right now and these are gorge! I'm totally tempted to get a pair. There's also pastel pinks and purple over white tights which will look adorable with a skater skirt ♥ 

So what's your thoughts? Personally, I'm gonna declare myself a fan, so long as they don't make them in red...

Check out URB 

Monday, 14 January 2013

Where there's music & there's people & they're young & alive

First night out of 2013 - Laura's 20th!

Sorry for the grainy pics, they were taken on my friend's iPod just before we went out so we were in quite a rush. Here I am in the lushest Premier Inn room I've ever stopped in. Okay I don't have a wide experience of bed and breakfasts, but trust, Lenny Henry wasn't lying to us.

Anyways, what on earth am I talking 'bout? Enough about the room. More about the night.

Jacket - Sack Sale Top - River Island Skirt - H&M Shoes - Irregular Choice 
Socks - Topshop Bodychain - Miss Selfridge

Blurry, sorry
It was a great night - we started off in Brindley Place, drinking wine and mixers in bars and headed up the Broad Street, ready to party. I finally got to Gatecrasher - and it lived up to my expectations. All in all, we had a smashing time and I slept like a baby that night. Unfortunately, the hangover kicked in about two o'clock the next afternoon. I felt like death. So weird, as I didn't feel that drunk at all on the night. Don't you hate how that happens.

Here's all of us having a gay ol' time
Group pic 
Happy Birthday Laura!

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Shiny Stuff

Jack's computer room has kind of become my latest 'photo-shoot' venue, mainly because it's too cold outside and we tend to take the pictures late at night. When night comes round, we're always in here watching clips from some horrific horror film or cartoons from bygone days. 

However, we decided to venture outside and go out for a proper grown up meal with another grown up couple, as we're all proper grown ups, obvs. We went to an Indian buffet called Johnny Spice and it was really lovely, plenty of veggie choices, which I find is quite rare, normally there are only a few so it was nice to try lots of different dishes.

Is it just me or does this jacket feel very 80's? I'm wearing so much shiny stuff recently, including that shirt. Blame it on the Sack Sale. Gonna need lots of sparkle to get me through this degree.

Speak laters ..

Jacket - Sack Sale
Top - Charity Shop
Bottoms - River Island 
Shoes  - Urban Outfitters
Watch - Jeremy Scott for Swatch
Bracelet - Pandora
Other bracelets - random, 
sorry dunno where they came from :')
Earrings- Vivienne Westwood
 (okay, you can't really see them here, but how could I not mention them?)

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Things to look forward to ...

Now I don't know about you guys, but after the glitz and sparkle of Christmas (and food), I'm left feeling pretty low. All that good cheer and now ... nothing. It's enough to give anyone the post holiday blues. Sure, it's a new year, but I'm honestly not feeling it. So I've decided to compile a list of all the things I (and we) have to look forward to in 2013.

1. We're all alive.
So the Mayan's were wrong - the world did not end. Big surprise, yeah? It'll be fun to  see what the latest conspiracy of the earth's demise will be, as there's sure to be a new crazy one soon.

2. The sales! 
I've already raided the shops and maxed out on online shopping, and the savings are still going on, so get your fashion fixes now while their cheap.

3. Summer's coming
kind of. It's not for a while, but hopefully it will start to get warmer soon(ish). And when it gets warmer, I'll finally be able to get my Summer wardrobe out.

4. Third year of uni
The beginning of the end happens this Summer. God it's scary, but definitely something exciting to look forward to. Some of you guys might be starting uni this year, leaving or maybe even starting high school. Big steps this year.

5. Resolutions
I've made two resolutions this year - one: to get driving lessons and hopefully pass. I made the same one last year, and yeah, I didn't really stick to it. And the second: to go to bed earlier; already broken this one. Have you ever actually stuck to a resolution before? I'm not sure that I have.

6. Fashion Week
So in 2013 I hope to attend my first fashion week. I really wanted to go some time last year, but my busy uni life and shortage of cash-flow got in the way, so you can be sure I'm definitely going to make time for it this year!

7. Only 353 days til next Christmas ... So if you can't just wait for Crimbo 2013, it's not that far away - I  guess...

So yeah, my list isn't very big. But seven is my lucky number, and let's just hope this will be a lucky year, despite the fact it contains the least favoured number of them all. Ah well, I'm not all that superstitious ...

Let me know what you're looking forward to in 2013 ..♣
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