Monday, 8 February 2016

Revolution Death By Chocolate Palette

I can never have too many eye shadows and so was delighted when I received this gorgeous palette for Christmas. I actually purchased the salted caramel version for a friend of mine, so was pleasantly surprised when I unwrapped this gift. The Death By Chocolate palette by Makeup Revolution is a selection of neutral shades inspired by everyone's favourite candy.
 Some people have compared it to the TooFaced Chocolate Bar palette and I get that as the colour scheme are definitely similar but personally, I think the main similarity is simply the concept. Unpopular opinion, but although TooFaced is a high-end brand, I actually prefer the packaging of this one! A mixture of shimmery and matt shadows, it's basically a neutral palette with a few brighter tones mixes in. The shadows are very pigmented and buildable, it's a perfect everyday palette.
It looks quirky and cute displayed on your dressing table and after trying this one, I'm certainly looking to collect some more. Next I'm thinking I may grab the white choccy palette with the slightly odd name Naked Chocolate or maybe even the Salted Caramel one for myself!
Have you tried any of the chocolate collection? And what's your favourite kind of chocolate? I like dark and white!
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