Monday, 27 February 2012

Today's look - Dolly girl

Just a quick little outfit update :) Sorry for being a bit stingy on posts, a lot's been going down at uni and life in general recently :'] I bought this unusual dress at The Clothes Show in December and this is the first time I've actually worn it shockingly, I guess I just forgot about it :3
I teamed it with a white shirt and plain black tights so as not to draw attention away from the busy pattern on the dress. I particularly like how the shirt sleeves are visible through the cut-out sleeves in the dress. I think the shirt makes it look very smart but the boots keep it looking cool ;D This also works really well with my white creepers, but I have been wearing them so much recently. This is one of my cutesy-er outfits - I think it makes me look like a little dolly :']
It's getting increasingly more difficult to take pictures in my mirror, and as my camera is still at Jack's house somewhere I've had to use my awful phone which has no back, so sorry for that xD I'm still wearing the wristband from last night at Jack's gig and it didn't even come off in the shower, how shameful :'] If I can get a picture from my friend Alex, I will do a post about my latest groupie outfit :) By the way, I don't sleep on a campbed, that was for Alex who stayed last night after the gig :'] (Y) Check her blog here
Hope you like my look, let me know :D 

Dress - Layers, Clothes Show
Shirt - River Island
Boots - Hypnotic 

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Henry Holland Tights

Little bit blurry, I've had to use my phone as I left my camera at Jack's

Just a quick post to show you guys my latest impulse buy, I know I know, I have a serious addiction to shopping and it needs to be curbed :']
As I mentioned in a past post, 2NE1 CL's sexy holiday look, my super suspender Henry Holland's sadly were torn beyond any sort of repair at a pretty wild uni halls party in January, so I thought it was about time I replaced them. Unfortunately, I could not resist these amazing 'I'm laddered' seamed tights and had to get them too. I've had my eye on them for quite some time but could never justify the purchase so this seemed the perfect excuse.
Jack has another gig this weekend so I may include a pair of my new tights in my outfit - I'm thinking creepers ... however, I may not :3 Muahaha stay tuned ;D

Do you guys own the same as me or any other Henry Holland tights?

Monday, 20 February 2012

Today's look - Creepin'

Another creepers look! I so adore these shoes, literally wearing them with everything. I had actually planned to wear my white shirt underneath this so that the collars would be seen, but I was staying at Jack's and it was in the wash at home, so it was kind of impossible :'] Oh well, I still think this look works well without out and the chunky creepers give the illusion of super long pins, which is also a plus ;)
Yes, I'm wearing my magic jumper again, it keeps me nice and cosy in the cold weather of February. again, because it's quite slouchy and baggy, I wore it with my safety pin print mini which is pretty tight so it keeps the look clean. And look - sneaky peek of Jack's leg sporting ultra stylish black jeans :']

What do you think and what are you guys wearing right now? 

Jumper - Borderline Vintage
Skirt - H&M
Creepers - Ebay
Hair pom pom - Claire's

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Today's look - Dirty lil punk

This was actually yesterday's outfit, but never mind. Jack and I took a trip to Birmingham, normally I would post about my many purchases, but I'm trying to not spend as crazily as usual recently :'] The red shirt makes an appearance again, this time with quite a different outfit. I was feeling rather punky and casual, so decided to reflect this in my outfit. The cropped black top is relatively new, and it has an almost leather look and feel to it. As it was quite cold, I opted for rolled up distressed jeans instead of the skirt I was planning to wear. I think they work really well with my studded boots, which are favourites in my everyday wardrobe. The look is completed by my black jacket and head scarf - all set for the day :D
I did actually go with the intention of buying one thing, some Urban Decay Surreal Skin cream to powder foundation. This is my miracle product, I'd recommend it to anyone who has trouble keeping make-up on their face all day and find others make their skin look dry. The guy at the make-up counter recognised me from the last time he helped me pick out the correct colour, which is always nice :3 By the way, just in case you wondered, my shade is Haze :)

We then travelled over to Selfridges, (when I say we, I really mean me ;D) to test the new Vivienne Westwood perfume Cheeky Alice. A while ago, I remember making the exact same trip to try out Naughty Alice, which has the most amazing sweet unusual smell. I was pleasantly surprised to find Cheeky Alice which had the perfect strong, sparkling and sexy scent. What's more, at Selfridges, you also receive a lovely make-up bag which the assistant told me she uses as a purse as it's so pretty :)

After all this we chowed down at Pizza hut - we like pizza :3 On the way to the bus stop we met a young Big issue vendor who was trying to earn some cash for a room and some food so we gave him some money. I always try to buy a Big Issue when I can, as many of the vendors are homeless and are actually trying to work for a better quality of life. Anyway, when we reached the bus stop I had a sudden realisation - we were carrying a pizza bow with four untouched slices and I had totally forgot! My attack of conscious resulted in us running back to find the man and handing over our pizza, to which he was very grateful and we felt great afterwards :3
Moral of the story - try to do a good deed when you can and help the homeless :) 

But yes, hope you liked the outfit and my stories, please let me knowwww ;D

Jacket - Peacocks
Shirt - H&M
Top - H&M
Jeans - Forever 21
Boots - Hypnotic
Headscarf - Claire's 

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Today's Look - it's there in Black and White..

I went simple today with plain black leggings teamed with white shirt, tee and my new babies, my creepers. Sorry that my shirt looks a little creased - that's what a long day does to you :'] I really like this t-shirt, the understated corded bib look adds interest to the outfit without overshadowing the draw of my shoes.
The white shirt is such a staple item in any wardrobe, I think everyone needs one. You can wear it alone, throw it over literally anything or even underneath a top or dress.
Just realising how tired I look on this picture :'] In my defence, I had literally no sleep last night and a very early start - not a good mix. There's black and silver sequins all over my floor - I don't own anything with sequins.. how odd xD
Hope you like my look, let me know what you think :)

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Cute Polish Zebra Nails

Just a quick post, been kinda busy this week but I plan to do a 'today's look' post tomorrow so stay tuned :)
My nails had started to chip, so I decided to try one of my favourite designs, this striped zebra look by Cute Polish, a Youtube nail polish guru who comes up with amazing and creative designs.

As you can see, I haven't yet cleaned them up and they aren't my neatest attempt, but I just wanted to share my lavender and gold take on the original design. Please check out the tutorial here, with a little practise, it's very easy and looks awesome ;D

Sunday, 12 February 2012

I'm with the band

My uni friends are constantly calling me a groupie as my boyfriend Jack is lead singer of a band and I always come along for the gigs, so as the band were playing last night I decided to invite them along ;) Unfortunately as I had to go straight from work and ending up staying with Jack, I didn't have chance to take a picture of my outfit so I've had to re-stage it. My hair was big and curly, but I'm afraid we'll just have to pretend :']
My look was feminine yet grungey - I chose to wear a girly three-layered frilly black top with the contrasting  material of distressed denim shorts. To keep the look casual, I threw on my red shirt and rolled up the sleeves. As I was desperate to wear my Irregular Choice heels I accesorized with a silver and black bib necklace embellished with studs and beads so that the shoes would work with the outfit. These heels are so beautiful; my best friend Alex bought them as a present for my eighteenth birthday - check out her blog here :)
The band were awesome and we had an amazing night out and as the heels aren't too high, I wasn't completely crippled :']
Check out Three Piece Lawsuit, you can download their songs for free, we all love free things ;D EP coming soon :3

What do you think of my groupie look? :']

Shirt - H&M
Top - H&M
Shorts- New Look 
Bib necklace -  a present
Shoes - Irregular Choice.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Temptation in the form of Topshop

I am drooling over this amazing headpiece. It ticks all my boxes and the feathers add a bohemian vibe, it makes me dream fondly of festivals and the far off summer :3 The chains, spikes and studs are what initially drew me in, I have such a weakness for punky tough accessories :']
I've put a ban on spending for a while as my creepers set me back a bit and I ordered a pair of leggings just yesterday, it's definitely a bit of an addiction. While I lust over this, check out the wonderful range of jewellery at Topshop - I'm not talking just necklaces and bracelets, they now have pieces for literally every body part. Look at this beautiful belly chain and body chain. P.S, expect to see thighlets soon ;D

I think these new pieces are really innovative - Topshop are really letting the creative juices flow and I'm loving it, but what do you guys think?
Let me know ;3

Impulse buy - Creepers!

Wahhh so excited right now - I'm so happy they came so quickly, I only ordered them on Wednesday! I always used to call them beetle crushers, but it seems they're more commonly known as creepers :) It's always a risk ordering shoes online but I'm pleased to say they fit perfectly. I can't wait to wear them, hopefully they'll make me look just a tiny bit taller :'] I picked white because I have too many black shoes, and the studs are just a bonus :3 What's more, they're veggie shoes, which is perfect for a life long veggie like me.
They'll instantly brighten up a dark outfit or add edge to a girly dress. I'm so into the androgynous look right now. I'm really looking forward to putting outfits together with them - I'll keep you posted ;D If you'd like some, check ebay for bargains, there's loads of choice!

By the way, is it just me, or is Harry Hill so on-trend right now...?
Harry rockin' creepers

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Today's look - Magic jumper and wild leggings

Just an outfit I wore for uni today - a gem-studded black jumper from the Clothes Show and my babies; my pink leopard print leggings. Because I have a tendency to wear black, grey and white an awful lot, I love to inject fun and colour into looks with printed, bright and detailed leggings. This raspberry shade really pops and draws the eye to them. I think if you want to try such a bright colour bravery is a must; they do cause a lot of head turning! I'm all for animal prints and leopard is always going strong, so makes a constant appearance in my wardrobe. Also, it adds an instant fierce and wild look to a simple outfit, which I love.

As I was only going to uni, I kept my eye make-up simple, just a sweep of black eye-shadow and metallic liner, finished with a coat of mascara. Also, my hair looked really great this morning but, as always, the elements got their hands on it. I assure you it does not look quite so sculpted right now. I have really fine flat hair so it's difficult to give it a boost. My miracle product is TRESemmé 24 Hour Body Plumping powder, it's amazing, try it :) By the way, I have an annoying dimple on one side of my smile, please ignore it :']

I chose to wear leggings instead of jeans with my baggy black jumper as the tightness of them pull the outfit together properly, and prevent it from looking sloppy, for lack of a better word :'] I'll really miss wearing this jumper when it gets too warm, it's so cosy and looks effortlessly stylish with printed leggings or skinnies. The wool has a slight shimmer to it and the stars makes it look witchy and mysterious. It's my magic jumper :3

As I had to take the pictures myself in a mirror, I couldn't fit my feet in :'] So here they are - sporting plain black trainers :) I'm thinking about customizing these, so expect a post on that soon ;D
Let me know what you think of my look today :)

Jumper - Borderline Vintage
Leggings- Candy Punk at Republic
Trainers - Hypnotic. 

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

2NE1 CL's sexy holiday look

CL in her sexy suspender tights

Even on a break, 2NE1 always come up top when it comes to style. If you don't know who 2NE1 are, they're an amazing Kpop group who take Korean fashion to a whole other level. You need to check them out now!
While on their holiday in the Philippines, Dara uploaded a picture of CL to her me2day looking effortless sexy. I just love her suspender tights; I had a pair of Henry Holland's suspenders myself but unfortunately they got a little bit destroyed at a recent uni party :'] Teamed with a graphic black tee, tiny denim hot-pants and simple black buckled heels, CL really lets her tights do the talking here. This outfit just sums her up; sassy, fearless and fun.
I'm just waiting for 2NE1's English album with none other than, we've been waiting quite some time which can only mean it's going to be amazing! While you wait along with the rest of the fans, check out one of their most awesome songs here - not the latest one, but definitely pumpin' ;D

Source Allkpop: + Image: Dara’s me2day.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Kevin Murphy Colour Bug - reviewed.

So I've wanted to try the ombre hair trend for quite some time now, so when Kevin Murphy released these new color bugs, I bought one straight away. The color bug uses 'hair powder' to add temporary colour and comes in a small dome shape applicator that's easy to hold and control.

They come in a choice of orange, purple and pink and because I wasn't sure how it would show on my dark hair I chose purple. It is very easy to apply however it is rather time consuming and messy, I'd recommend draping a towel over your shoulders to protect your clothes as that powder goes everywhere!

It did take me quite a long time to get any sort of noticeable colour on the tips of my hair, but after some perseverance, you can clearly see the results :) I realised after taking the shots they weren't very clear due to the light so I took a some more to show you the vivid colour.
Because of how powdery this product is (my fingers have turned my laptop keys purple :'] ) I don't think it's intended for everyday use. It would look amazing on a night out, party or any other special occasion :D
I'm seriously considering getting my sister to dye my tips now... hmmm.. watch this space ;)
If you'd like to purchase one, you can order them online here

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Making the most of it - fashion on a budget

 Is there anything worse than the despair of looking into your wardrobe and that familiar thought blaring through your mind:  'I have NOTHING to wear!' Well, there probably are worse things, but still, it's a pretty awful feeling (Y) Instead of falling to the floor in grief, I decided to experiment - I hope I can inspire you guys too :D
Take a look at this outfit from summer '11. If you're anything like me, you'll carefully choose an outfit for any occasion, casual or fancy. I remember distinctly when I wore this outfit - I was going on a simple shopping trip to Birmingham with my boyfriend Jack, no doubt for some new pieces for my over-flowing, actually now broken, wardrobe.
Anyway, as you can see, I choose a to layer a simple printed dress and black sweater together (we had a pretty disappointing summer, so the sweater was needed for warmth, never mind fashion!) I added sparkly black tights to this chic, almost school-girl look. Because the basic outfit was quite cute and sweet, I toughened it up with my leather jacket, messy bun and studded boots. I have a weakness for boots, so you're likely to see a lot of them! I just think they make an outfit look that bit edgier, punkier and tougher. Throw on a grey leopard print scarf - et voilà - one complete look :)
However, there's one more thing that may surprise you - my tights, sweater and dress are items I have owned for many, many years, and have hidden in my wardrobe expecting never to see light again. But that's the amazing thing about clothes; with a little experimenting, you can breathe new life into almost anything!

My sweater is actually an old school jumper owned by my sister which somehow ended up inside my drawer. Also, adding a stylish brooch to this garment really livens it up and makes it look that bit more interesting. I left it plain this time, but it really is a blank canvas for many outfits. I actually love using nerdy looking sweaters like this, they instantly add a preppy look.

I brought this printed dress about four years ago one summer and only wore it once or twice, but I think it makes a cute skirt in this look. However, because I've - ahem - 'grown' somewhat, I wouldn't wear this without a top of some sort over it, as I doesn't leave much to the imagination if you get my drift :'] Other than that, it fits comfortably and adds a super cute look to my grungy outfit.

I've had these tights since I was little, I'm not even sure how young, but let's just say it was a while back :'] They were one of those items that never got worn - until now, ironically, at the age of eighteen! I'm only quite little, about 5"1, so they actually fit quite comfortably. Because they're stretched a little (hey, I most have finally grown a teeny bit), it gives the tights a fishnet effect.

We all love shopping for brand new pieces, I know I do! If you find yourself longing for the next pay day, stop dreaming of that new jacket and look in your wardrobe - you may find something you haven't worn in ages and inject your own style and individuality into it and really make it work. 
Let me know if you make the most of long forgotten garments like me :)
And yes, my room is a mess. Apologies :']

Friday, 3 February 2012

I wanna have Sex on The Beach ;D

Who doesn't love a refreshing cocktail? Whether it's during lunch with the girls or on a mad night out, I can always be in the mood for a fruity drink.
I decided to base this nail design on one of my favourite cocktails, Sex on the beach. Orange in colour, this cocktail is fruity and sweet and oozes glitz and naughtiness.
Luckily, I had the perfect shade for this design - a blood orange colour by Barry M.  I always find the pigments of Barry M polishes are good quality so I only used one coat. Next, to represent the glamour and excitement of the beverage, I stroked a couple of coats of W7 glitter polish in silver in a diagonal motion across my tips. A stripe of yellow adds interest and keeps the design true to the colours in the cocktail To finish, I completed the look with clear glitter polish from a Technic nail collection and a top coat to add shine.
Orange is actually the one colour I don't really care for, but when I received this polish in a Barry M goodie bag (from the Clothes Show Live 2011) I just loved the rich block shade. Apologies for blurriness, it was a little dark in my room .. :)

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