Thursday, 16 May 2013

Didn't you wear that last weekend?

I have a confession. This week I came very close to committing the worst fashion blogger crime ever. I almost rewore an outfit. In fact, I'm kind of ashamed I didn't.

                Birthday suit                                                     Alternate outfit - and  awkward fist

Okay, here's my defence before you condemn me. Two Saturdays ago, I went for a night out with my friends. I'd spent all day planning the perfect outfit - a white lace crop and a lime green metallic skater skirt, complete with lace socks and wedges. Without tooting my own horn, it looked amazing. (Toot).

The night started off great, but it kind of dwindled into one of those 'non-nights' as soon as we left the first club. The second was only half open (apparently the downstairs toilet had flooded - ew) and it was absolutely dead apart from a handful overly overenthusiastic dancers who I'm sure were under-age.  Needless to say, we left pretty quickly. The third and final club was busier, but stuffed full of sausage ... where were all the women!? We called our taxi an hour earlier than planned. 

The company was awesome, but the vibe was kind of off that night. Seriously, what happened to Saturday nights? I couldn't help but feel I'd wasted a seriously cute outfit on a evening that hadn't gone quite to plan. Two weeks later, my birthday rolled around. Now, I have a vast collection of clothes so I wasn't short of options, but I just couldn't get that ensemble out of my head. It was the ideal birthday look. I was certainly in a pickle.

I bowed to the pressure and picked out a new outfit. I was happy with it, but I wondered why I felt I'd had to find something new to wear. I can't really place the reason why I didn't want to crack out my super outfit again - was it because there was pictorial evidence of me wearing it a fortnight before? Did I think people were going to assume they were my only garments? I actually have no idea. But something told me I couldn't wear it again until at least a months time. 

There is such a taboo around the re-wearing of an outfit, especially amongst bloggers. I've read so many  girls and guys posts where they feel they have to apologise for wearing the same item of clothing more than once. Isn't the point of being fashion bloggers creating different outfits out of what we have? And if, like me, you carefully picked out a look that you were really proud of, why should it be sentenced to never be worn again? 

I asked others what they thought and the responses were pretty one-sided. However one blogger, @LA_Kes, wisely tweeted; 'I'd say don't worry about it and do what your heart says on the day. You're too young for fashion wrinkles!' Well said. 

Do you feel weird re-wearing outfits? And what's your reasoning behind it?
 Later guys ..

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Happy Birthday to me! ♥

I am no longer a teenager! Yep, on the ninth of May little old me got less little and a bit older. How do I feel you ask? Not much different to be honest, I don't feel any more of an adult anyway. Which is just as well as we spent our Friday night acting anything but grown-up!

I really don't wear this skirt enough, in fact I kind of forget I had it. I unearthed it in a mad rush as I was getting ready and teamed it with this zebra crop. I love these boots; the heels aren't too high so I'm able to dance all night minus the drunken humiliation of wandering round the club barefoot, heels in hand. I had a brilliant night out, totally made me forget that I'm on the slippery slope of aging. Twenty years old, halfway to forty and still can get away with child fare on the bus!

♦ Bonus OOTN! ♦
Here's what my sister Rose rocked for the evening. How cute are the net socks! She borrowed my Sack Sale jacket as a cover-up and I think it looks great with the deep purple dress. She looks amazing, don't you think?

My look
Crop - River Island
Skirt - New Look
Boots - Topshop
Hairband - Primark
Love Me Not necklace - Topshop

Rose's Look
Dress - Topshop
Jacket - Sack Sale
Socks - Local market
Shoes - Elizabeth Spanton
Necklace - Alchemy Jewellery

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