Saturday, 15 February 2014

Alice in Wonderland (Valentines OOTD) ♥

can you see the little door?

Dress - Oxygene ♦ Jumper - The Oasis ♦ Shoes - Primark ♦ Glasses - Replay ♦ Bow - a gift ♦ Watch - Jeremy Scott for Swatch

I look deceivingly tall in these pictures. They remind me of the part in Alice in Wonderland when she grows and can't fit through the small door and cries a sea of tears. It literally is just a coincidence that I'm wearing my Alice sweater and I have happen to have a little door in the skirting board, but how cool is it that it's all come together that way? You can thank my mom's interesting decor choices for that.

Technically, this is just what I wore to uni on Friday; my real Valentines look was my pajamas as we just chilled out and ate too much pizza. The weather was dire so we didn't really fancy going out and to be honest we're never happier than when we have a tasty takeaway in front of the TV. My V Day presents are coming from 'Murica so unfortunately I can't show you what I got just yet, but I'm very excited!

My first gif!

How did you spend Valentines day? Whatever you did, hope you had a great time!

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Bows & Wickets

Jumper - New Look  Leggings - Primark  Shoes - New Look  Bow - market stall ♦ Earrings - Claires

Sorry about the boring background, it was a spur of the moment kind of 'photo shoot'. I haven't worn this jumper in literally years; I pulled it out from the bottom of my drawer and felt like throwing it on. Most unlike these shoes which I've been wearing religiously since I received them at Christmas, just like my big green bow. I got at least four bows for Christmas and this is the largest of the lot, from my Mom and Dad in my stocking. I love wearing it with a plainer outfit to make an impact.

What do you think? 

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