Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Glamorous Neon Leopard Nails

I know a lot of my recent posts have been heavily nail related, but I can't help myself! I love Cutepolish nail designs, so tried out her glamorous leopard print tutorial. It's pretty easy to do as long as you take your time
If you don't own dotting tools, just use the end of a bobby pin. I got mine from eBay and I didn't pay much so it's worth having a look I also got my striper polishes from there too -  hurray for eBay ;3

Here's the tutorial ...

This girl is a genius and was the first Youtuber to really inspire me to start doing nail art :)
Check out her other videos ♣

Nailed it.

Trawling through my old Twitpics, I came across these old nail designs from last year I'd forgotten all about, so I decided to share my favourites with you. Hope you like them! :) 

My favourite ones

Random patterns


Pandas :3

So yeah, not really a detailed post, but I thought you might like to see these. Let me know which one is your favourite design :)) Arrivederci ... ♣

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Newspaper Nails

Ahoy there - how you like my nails? I've seen the newspaper trend on Youtube a lot and finally succeeded at creating my own :) 

A lot of the tutorials say you need to use rubbing alcohol to dip your paper in and press onto nails. Well, all I had was a bottle of vodka and as it turned out, it's much better for drinking than nail art. So in the end I used room temp water and they turned out okay, a little messy but with a little time (and no rushing) they can look really cool.

This is the tutorial I followed

So even if you're not so good at nail art, this is easy enough for anyone and everyone to do and looks really cute, so try it out ♣ 

Down The Duke

Haven't seen my uni girls for a while, so I travelled up to Leamington to meet up with them :) The weather was so odd - one minute the sun was beaming away and the next it was crazy raining, so I went safe with  my Black Milk leggings and cherry red Dr Martens with my trusty jacket. These Docs are a gift from the fates as my squeeze's mom had acquired them recently to sell on, but she'd thought about me when she got them and they just so happened to be in size three, how lucky!!

 I've not had much luck in the past with Dr Martens - I accidentally left my first pair outside and they were chewed up by a mouse and my amazing purple ones were dangerously over-worn and practically fell apart. I'm gonna be extra specially careful with these :3

Gaming booths

We had lunch in this fantastic pub called The Duke, which honestly, put our local Wetherspoons to shame. It was so stylish and funky, and the food was amazing and  surprisingly cheap, my chips actually tasted like potato! Not to mention that they also featured booths with ps3, Xbox and Nintendo Wii consoles. Wowsers. Why don't I live here? Even the bathroom was stylish - I had to pose on this awesome chair. Surely Black Milk will be considering me for a model now. Of course :') Note the toilet in the background - so classy, righ'? 

So if you're ever up in Leamington Spa, visit The Duke, now my most favouritest pub evaaaar.

Jacket - Peacocks
Tee - Apple Bottoms
Leggings - Black Milk
Boots - Dr Martens

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Sport Luxe Nails

I've not really jumped aboard the sports luxe trend this season, I'm probably the least active person you'll ever meet, so sportsy wear isn't really my thing. However, I thought I'd bite the bullet and try out sport-inspired nails.

Slightly chipped, soz

The sports luxe trend is all about sharp lines mixed with neutral and neon colours. I used a marl grey-ish colour with bright pink tips, as I thought it looked a bit like a bit like the colours you'd find in a gym-kit, yano, grey joggers with pinky details and accesories like sweatbands. I stripped them diagonally.  I also added an orange colour to the thumb, not sure why, but I like it ;3

No need to tell you guys how I did this one, it's pretty much as simple as it looks :) I've been a bit boring and lazy with my nails recently, so I'll try and come up with something a bit more complicated for you guys.

Until then, hope you like this simple yet pretty cool sports inspired nail design

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Check out ... Kyla La Grange

It's not easy to find proper music these days. By proper music, I mean instruments, not computers - and voices, not auto-tune. Sure, it serves it's purpose in a club when you just wanna let loose and dance, but if you're anything like me, it doesn't quite cut it when you just wanna chill to something a bit more, er, meaningful sounding. Enter Kyla La Grange.

It was her style that drew me in first. Known as the 'Watford Witch,' she looks so grungy yet glam and I absolutely love her hair, it's exactly how I'm wanting mine right now! According to an interview in Company mag, she has her mom to thank for her rockin style - she borrows her mother's old '70's clothes and weird pendants. I hoped that her tunes would live up to her cool image, and luckily, she delivers gold with a gothy sound. She has raspy yet sweet and strong vocals over her melodies. She kinda reminds me of Kate Bush. 

The Kyla songs I've listened aren't exactly perky, so it's not really the kinda vibe for a party, but it's perfect for winding down with your iPod and indulging. It's just the right amount of darkness and catchy-ness, so will appeal to most, especially if you're an Adele fan and like sad songs. I'm totally a fan of her, she's helping to usher in the new age of real music.

This is her latest single Vampire Smile, which she says was written about someone she really liked so much it was driving her mad. Ouch, love hurts. Check it, it's not as Twilight-y as it sounds, it's cool :)) Her album, Ashes, is out on June 30th.

Let me know what you think of her

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

What I really want ... Bright jeans

Yo Yo guys! As I predicted, the sunny weather was short-lived - it's actually raining outside as I type. So depressing and grey, I need some colour to perk me up. I've always been a leggings girl, but after purchasing my mint jeans, I've been desperate for more colours, and Topshop has answered my prayers with a sale

Here's just a few of my favourites from the site. All of these beauties are now a very affordable £25. I'm planning to get the pastel peppermint blue ones, as they are such a pretty colour and will go with loads of stuff.Okay, I know I should probably be looking for dresses and shorts, but I just can't help lusting after these, and they are such lovely summery colours :) Check out Topshop's site for more colours.

 Oh, by the way, remembered when my laptop got stolen from my boyfriend's house? Well I've finally got the insurance money and am now speaking to you lovelies from my brand spanking shiny laptop. It's exactly the same as my old one, it's like it was never gone :3

Anyways, this is my lust of the month ...♥

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