Sunday, 30 September 2012

The Show: Enchanted

This weekend, I was lucky enough to attend The Show: Enchanted in the Birmingham Bullring, which promised to 'cast a spell of Autunm/Winter fashion across the land'. It delivered - the outfits, which were compiled from items found on the high-street,  had a magical fairy-tale look, and the models wore them with awesome character. Illamasqua at Selfridges put together some of the striking pieces for the show.

I really loved the crazy hair of the female models, it really added to the dark Gothic feel of the show. It was a really nice touch to add crispy Autumn leaves to this models hair, it even match the pallet of her outfit. 
Love it.

This was one of my favourite outfits - I love how the top hat and chain gave it an old-timey feel. So simple, but so sophisticated. It just goes to show how just one accessory can change the entire look of an outfit.

We were lucky enough to be let in first, so we picked the best seats front-row seats. We totally felt like celebrities ;D Knowing that all these amazing garments are available on our British high-street makes me super happy I got paid this week. I feel a spree coming on! 

Hope you enjoyed looking at my pictures from the show, what are your favourite pieces?

Sunday, 23 September 2012

GD says 'Get Yo Crayon!'

Just a quick music post about one of the most stylish guys I know - it has to be GD.

I've mentioned G-Dragon before, but for those of you who don't know, he is a Kpop star who sings as part of the amazing group Big Bang and also as a solo singer.

 Along with many other Kpop singers, he influenced my style in many ways over the years, so I really want to show you guys his latest MV, Crayon.

GD once again has blonde hair, this time with a tint of ice blue. I'm loving it! To me, although I love all the different colours and styles he's experimented with, he's never looked better than with blonde hair. Hawt.

This is just a fun, care-free song with a hilarious video that is guaranteed to put you in a good mood. It's perfect for a party, or getting ready for a night out with your friends. Actually, it's perfect for the club, but I think it's very unlikely I'm going to hear it in any nightclubs round here soon :')

Personal style favourites in this vid are the distressed camo jacket, shiny black jacket and rainbow striped jacket. I like jackets. G-Dragon rocks the metro-sexual look like no other.

Image from G-Dragon's twitter @IBGDRGN

What do you think of GD's latest tune? And of course, what do you make of his unusual style?

Friday, 21 September 2012

Freshers '12 - freshers for a non fresher ☺

This time last year, I was attending Freshers '11, and now, I am ermm, attending it again, as a big grown up 2nd year, go me. I must be getting old as I didn't go out nearly as much as I did last year. I guess that's because it was my freshers', and I'd only recently turned 18 at the time, so it was all quite exciting and new.

Sunday - Walkabout

Top - Charity shop
Skirt - River Island
Belt - Borrowed from my sister
Shoes - Irregular Choice
Earrings - Claire's
Bracelets - gifts

So this was the start of Freshers week. Sunday seems a weird day to go out, I don't remember it last year, but to be honest, I don't remember much from last years' Freshers .. oops ;D
When I bought this skirt in the River Island sale, it was out of stock in my size so I got one up, hoping that it would fit alright. But it was much too big, the skirt reached my knees, not the look I was going for. Luckily, it was pretty easy to alter, and I think it's the perfect length now, don't you?
Alex and I were going to meet our friend Soph and her roommates but by the time they headed out the queue was huge, so they went to Indi instead, so it was just us two partying on our own. However, we met people from our classes in there and made friends with the freshers, so we weren't strictly on our own. Good start to the week.

Thursday - Civic

Bralet - Forever 21
Skirt - H&M
Wedges - Hypnotic
Belt - Borrowed from my sister
Bracelet - Charity shop
Necklace - a gift

This night included a popcorn machine, bouncy castle, surf simulator, gladiator arena, sumo suit wrestling and some plonker from Geordie Shore. I did not take advantage of any of this 'attractions', but it was quite fun to watch others making fools of themselves :')
For this night, I had a power team of Alex, Aaron, Jack and a last minute appearance from Vikki. 
Oh yeah, and this is what I wore. Apologies that the first pic is a bit blurry and you can see my PJs and Jack's shorts.

So there you have it, I haven't got much to show you I'm afraid, I've been a boring old fart and only gone out twice this week. Have any of you guys been going out this week for Freshers? 
Enjoy your time at uni Freshers! Second and third years, welcome back ;D

Saturday, 15 September 2012

A dreaded sunny day, so I meet you at the cemetery gates

I don't dread the sun, I just love The Smiths. And I couldn't think of a name for this post. Plus, Jack has been singing this song non-stop, literally, so it seemed appropriate enough.

How lucky are you guys, you get to see my milk-bottle legs again! I can't believe even the scorching sun of Cyprus couldn't give me a noticeable tan, I'm think I'm destined to be pale (but hopefully interesting) forever.
I don't wear this dress enough, but it really is one of my favourites. I don't care if it's supposed to be a going-out kind of dress, I'm going to wear it for a simple sunny day. So there ;) 

I do apoligise for the over-wear of these boots, but I just love them so much! You're likely to see them many many more times, but hopefully you like them as much as I do. When winter comes along, I will probably be wearing my cherry red genuine Docs too. Could they best the best kinda shoes ever? You be the judge :3

As I write this I'm not doing anything particularly interesting - just half-heartedly watching the X Factor and wrapping my argan-oil smothered hair up in a turbie towel. After watching a great video on here oils here, I decided to invest in a bottle for when my hair needs a deep conditioning. I'll will let you know what I think of it soon after a bit more use ☺

So yeah, not too exciting, but Freshers starts tomorrow, which means the party is just beginning. Okay, I'm not longer a fresher but that doesn't mean I can't act like one! My friend's boyfriend is starting at our uni this year, so I expect we'll be going out quite a lot, starting with tomorrrow night. I'll see if I can do a Freshers Week outfit post type- thing for you guys 

Hope you have a frantabulous weekend, inabit!

Top - River Island
Dress - Oh My Love, Clothes Show
Boots - Primark
Head-scarf - Not sure, sorry!
Watch - Jeremy Scott for Swatch

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

What I'm Listening to .. Of Monsters and Men

Did anyone else read the book Of Mice and Men at GCSE? No? Well it doesn't matter, because this band has nothing to do with it.

They're actually an Icelandic six-piece folk band, which admittedly doesn't actually sound that appealing, but trust me, you'll love them.

Great styling too, don't you think?

Chances are, a lot of you will have already heard their debut single, Little Talks, but if you haven't, you need to right now. What I like so much about this song is that it's good, proper music, it's utterly catchy without the bleeps and bloops you get in 'songs' to these days. I think it actually has a kinda ska feel to it, because of the brass instruments used.

I also love the music video. I happened upon it whilst channel flicking the other day and was entranced - it's deliciously gothic and reminds me of that book, Where the Wild things are. I'm drawn to weird things, so I immediately jumped on Google and looked into the group.

The members are: Singer/guitarist Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir, singer/guitarist Ragnar "Raggi" Þórhallsson, guitarist Brynjar Leifsson, drummer Arnar Rósenkranz Hilmarsson, piano/accordion player Árni Guðjónsson, and bassist Kristján Páll Kristjánsson, but they also recruited trumpet player Ragnhildur Gunnarsdótti into the mix for their 2012 tour. Props to anyone who can pronounce their names. 

Here's a live version of the song too, how beautiful Ragnar's voice? Swoooooon 
Trumpet solo! The music industry needs more trumpets, fer serious.

I only wish I'd discovered them sooner, I've been looking for some new music to listen too for quite some time so I'm seriously gonna get their album! Incidentally, if you guys are listening to some cool jamz at the moment, drop me some names, my iPod needs something fresh. 

You'll like this group if you enjoy:

♦ Mumford and sons ♦ Ellie Goulding ♦ Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

Chucking another song out to you, Dirty Paws.

Their album, My Head is an Animal, is out now.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Totally Clueless

The weather's been pretty nice recently, hot enough for me to get my legs out. It's a good job I waxed them this time, it's been ages. Trust.

I guess this is kinda my take on a back to school outfit, even though I'm not at school, and I'm not at Uni for a few weeks yet, but a lot of you girls are back, so hopefully this will give you some inspiration. At my high school, we had to wear a blazer and a kilt (yes you heard me right, a kilt) so school days weren't exactly my most stylish. So if you are lucky and your school's a non-uniform kinda place, or you're going into sixth form, or perhaps like me, you enjoy dressing like a nerd, you might rather like this look. 

Just realised you can see Jack's reflection in the window aha

This look kinda reminds me of something from Clueless, (which was on the other night, coincidentally) as it's so preppy and chic looking. The Doc look-a-likes kinda rock it up though, which I like. Can't afford the real things at the moment, roll on pay day! 

My mom's campervan in the background :')

I think it makes a pretty good back to school look because it's both smart and stylish and I thought the safety  pin skirt kinda gives it a geeky, stationary sort of feel. However, like I said, this is just a casual outfit that I wore to go to town to pick up my contact lenses. Well, like Jeremy Scott once said; 'Life's too short to wear boring clothes!' And who could forget Miss Hilton's quote, 'The only rule is don't be boring and dress cute wherever you go, life's too short to blend in'. Inspiring stuff, and good mantras to live by I think.

I can't actually believe how long it's been since I've worn this necklace. I was so excited when I dug it out of my jewellery box - like, crazily excited. It's perfect statement piece, I'm obsessed with it! It's like the ultimate mix of edginess and femininity, I adore it

Hope you guys have all had a great Friday, and that it's been nice and sunny for you too. Despite the good weather, I'm still getting hunger pangs for Cyprus, anyone else feeling the post-holiday blues? 
Catch you laters aligators ♣

Jumper - Old school top
Shirt - H&M
Boots - Primark 
Necklace - River Island
Earrings - Yes Style
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