Sunday, 29 April 2012

Mini Haul! Cow, Red and Topshop ;)

So after an unsuccessful morning at uni, Alex and I decided to haul ass to Birmingham to run an errand at some photo printing place. Since we were in town, we guessed there was no harm in dipping into the shops for a little window-shopping. Or shopping shopping, whichever.

Check out my new purchases (:

This loverly top was from Cow, and cost an amazing £9. Bargainnn. It's so retro, gotta love Cow :')

I'd wanted these jeans for a while, and they fit so well :3 A not so cheap £38 from Topshop, but hey ho. I love the mint green, my favourite colour :D Sadly, the flash does wash out the colour a bit, so I should mention they are brighter than they appear on here :)

Lastly, these awesome studded pumps. £20 from Red.  Aren't they cute? Yeshh there are. I wanted to purchase some black creepers, but unfortunately they had no size threes left. Curse my tiny feet :')

I seriously have to stop spending money, but there's just so many things I want :3 Hope you guys have had a brilliant weekend :)

Thursday, 26 April 2012

I would go out tonight, but I haven't got a stitch to wear..

Sophie, Laura, Me, Alex
Buffday girl and her man ;)

Briiiiiight light

Posin' hell.
As I haven't been able to do a post for a while, thought I'd treat you guys to some pics of my friend Vikki's birthday outing ;D We got the coach to Couture and it was an awesome night. I know the pictures aren't very clear, but it's an outfit post of sorts :3 I thought my friend Laura looked amazingly different in a long sheer skirt, what do you lovelies think? (:

Not obvious, but I wore my 'I'm laddered' tights, which, incidentally, are now totally laddered. And ripped. Boo. Oh, and also showcasing my new red lipstick, I had one before, but it's all squished and empty, so I was in dire need of a new one. 
What do you think of our outfits and have you guys been out recently: :) 

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Disturbing London in Selfridges

Sorry about my lack of posts, still laptop-less but should be sorted soon-ish. Had to blog this as this really funky news that I'm sure you guys will love. Tinie Tempah's clothing label, Disturbing London has landed at Selfridges! As Tinie's been voted The Best Dressed Male at the GQ Awards, I'd certainly take his style advice, and this label doesn't disappoint. 

I don't often blog about menswear, but I think this label is so cool and honestly, it wouldn't deter me from wearing it. In fact, I need one of those hoodies! Considering how flyy the female model looks, I'm saying we could make it uni-sex ;D It is predominately a guys label, but there are a few tees for girls also, like the tea-cup one up thereee ↑

I love this collection so much, the logo is really cool and cute and the colours are simple and let the designs do the talking. He has based the look around the Americana look that we're seeing so much of right now and wanted it reflect the layers of him, calling it 'high-end street-wear'. I'm sold. I want everything. Not for my boyfriend, for me!

What do you think of the label? Would you wear it or leave it with the boys? 

Check out the store below 

Friday, 13 April 2012

How I'm rockin' black dalmatian creepers

Happy Friday 13th guys ;D
I literally think I have an addiction to creepers... but who cares when they look as good as this! As I loved my white Demonia ones so very very much, I decided it was time I got some black ones - but I just couldn't resist the ones with the dalmatian tongue detail ;) When I first got my creepers, most people thought they were weird looking, but recently I've noticed quite a lot of people wearing them. I knew they were gonna come in ;)

I think the reason I love creepers so much is because I'm a punky girl at heart and they just make me feel like a bad ass, although I'm not even slightly :') I just love the geeky, clunky look they give to girly skirts and dresses, but they also look pretty snazzy with the right pair of leggings.

This is how I'll be rockin' them.

T-shirt- Cher concert, Belt - Market, Leggings - Topshop, Watch - Jeremy Scott for Swatch Creepers- Ebay.

Styling the creepers with velvet leggings and my Cher Lloyd tee with a studded belt to keep it cool ;)

Shirt - River Island, Dress (worn as top) -H&M, Skirt - H&M, Watch - as before, Creepers- as before.

Creepers always look flyy with a pretty skirt or dress.

Sweater - River Island, Shorts- New Look, Watch - as before, Creepers - as before.

Try them with shorts and a baggy top too.

There's loads of things that you can wear with them, but here are just a few examples :)
If you guys want (and let's face it, need) creepers in your life, and you want them cheap, get yourselves on ebay, there's loads at amazing bargains, even labels like Demonia are cheap, and new in the box. Checkit now!

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Candy Cane Nails

Decided to vamp my nails up again, and as it's nearly Summer, (although you wouldn't tell by the weather) I did a candy cane design. My mom bought me some tutti fruity rock the other day as well, so it kinda inspired the design :) Gold glitter like the sandy beaches :3

Also did these random nail designs before a night out the other day... just for fun like :')

What do you think of my nails? :)

Cher Lloyd rocks up Birmingham

Sorry for the lack of posts, my boyfriend's house was burgled and my laptop was stolen, along with lots of other things :( Luckily everyone's fine, which is the main thing :) I'm using my sister's laptop at the moment because I have to show you guys the pictures of Cher Lloyd's concert last night at the HMV Institute in Birmingham :D

Alex and I queued from about quarter past three, got aching legs and hips but it was so worth it as we ended up right at the front! I've loved Cher ever since I first saw her on the X Factor and seriously have been looking forward to this concert for ages.
She looked amazing in a sheer skirt (which I thought was similar to my veil dress) hotpants, a grey bralet and a cute hat, accesorised with a spikey necklace and long cross chain. Her voice was amazing; so unique and note perfect. She is so talented, my videos aren't great qualtity, but I'm sure you can find some fancams on Youtube :)

Also, I should point out that the support acts were great to. The first was a band called No Lights At Lockdown, check them out on Facebook :) I'm not actually sure what the other twosome act were called, as they didn't really introduce themselves as a band or anything, but the girl had a nice bralet on :3

Alex has some good photos of what we wore for the wonderful event, but I'll have to add them to this post when we get hold of them ;D For now, here's my stylish new tour t-shirt and my awful selca's taken in my mirror as per :']

Tour t-shirt, how cool is this?

New creepers!

Sorry about the crazy amount of pictures , but hey, you guys needed to see these!
I'll try to post as much as possible but I'm not sure when my beloved laptop will be replaced, so forgive me if I can't yeah? Much love to you all :3
 Oh yarr, and Happy Easter (:
T-Shirt - Topshop
Skirt - H&M
Creepers - Ebay
Watch - Jeremy Scott for Swatch
Bracelet - Pandora

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Picnic in the Park

Rockin' my princess dress ;)

Happy April everyone!

Not really an outfit post, but I thought I'd just share these pictures with you of the beautiful sunshine in Tamworth as a nice start to Spring officially beginning :) This weekend, Jack and I went for a drive and ended up having a picnic of Subway, crisps and cookies in the park. Even though the sun was lovely, I tend to feel the cold and even the slightest breeze causes me to keep my jacket on :'] It seemed as though a fair was being set up, so if you live anyway near Tamworth, it's certainly worth checking out when that begins :)

Last year, I bought the most amazing tortoiseshell and green sunglasses from Claire's, but they miraculously disappeared, much to my disappointment. However, last night, shock horror! There they were, sitting on top of Jack's bookshelf, right next to my Skullcandy headphones. I swear he is stealing all of my possessions bit by bit. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring them out with us, so I was slightly squinty all day, but oh well. Apologies for the pout, it's my default picture face :3 
What have you guys been up to this weekend?
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