Monday, 30 July 2012

Cyprus times - Where to go

In our week in Limmesol, we tried to fit in as much activities as we could, whether they were at the hotel or outside. So if you ever travel to the great land that is Cyprus, here's my little guide of where you check out

Old Town

If you fancy a bit of traditional-ness and a place to get some great souvenirs, you should visit the Old Port town in Limmesol. It's a short bus journey from the hotel. We didn't actually go inside as we got a bit tired after hours of exploring but there's a museum of the castle that you can visit for about 3.50 euros.

There are many traditional looking buildings, cafes and food stores. Also, there is a display of fish photography with information which is pretty cool to look at. We went to a really nice food shop where you could sample the treats on display. 
Cyprus Delight is yummy :D

Jack enjoying the sun 

There was also this amazing fabric shop. I had hoped to take a few metres home, but there were a bit pricey. However, if you've got the money spare, there's many fabric and lace shops that you can get some great stuff from.

The Beach

We visited three beaches while on holiday, but I'm afraid I have a lack of pictures. Was having too much fun, ya see ;)  To get to this particular beach we had to get on a bus which was 1 euro for a ticket, 3 euro for a day ticket. No bad at all, when compared to the crazy prices we get here. This beach is great for sunbathing and paddling in the water.

There is a little beach right by the hotel, where you can hire pedalos, jet-skis, yelloboats and banana boats. We had a great time on our pedalo and Jack even used the slide to jump into the sea :) Alex and I even did a bit of swimming in the sea, as it wasn't too deep and very clear, so I didn't tread on any jellyfish - yay.

Beautiful weather 

Fasouri Waterpark

This is one place I totally recommend you go to. It cost 29 euro for a ticket from our holiday rep and the coach cost 2.50 euro. It is definitely worth it, even if I did skip some of the scarier rides... :3

Our hotel even made us a packed lunch

What was cool about these rides is that you sat inside a rubber ring to go down, so no scraping of the back. Plus, you could go in double and even triple tubes, so we all got to ride together which was great for me, as I'm a massive wimp :3

The Big Orange

So that's my pick of the best places in Limmesol :) Actually there is one more, GUABA, but I'm gonna do a seperate post on that, as I feel it deserves one :3 

Look forward to more holiday posts ..♣

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Cyprus times - Atlantica Oasis

Mwah! Greetings from Cyprus

I'm back from Limassol in Cyprus and I've had the most amazing time! Get ready for some serious picture posting, apologies for any envy it causes ;D

As you guys know, this was my first time abroad and I was in the trusted company of my boyfriend Jack and best friend Alex (check her blog here). We chose to stay at the Atlantica Oasis hotel at the Atlantica Gardens apartments. The staff were really friendly (big up Morris) and the rooms were comfortable and clean. I had read some reviews of the gardens that made me anxious as they weren't exactly glowing, but honestly, I have no idea what their problem was.

The Three bears beds :3
 This is the only review you need to listen to if you're going 'cause this is 100% accurate ;)
  I think what sparked the reviews was that people expected to be in the main hotel as it's not obvious when booking. Plus, we were only shown pictures of the main hotels rooms, and they are quite different. Our room had three beds placed close together, flat screen tv (watched E entertainment all the time) with a dressing table, desk, balcony and en suite bathroom complete with shower and bath. A maid cleaned our room each and every day and replaced our towels.

The Gardens pool
The gardens had their own pool as well; a smaller and quieter area with a bar and small round pool. All in all, the hotel had five pools - the gardens, the main pool, the kid's pirate pool, the indoor spa pool and the adult pool. 

Main pool

The dining room

The hotel featured an outdoor cinema, spa and gym, many bars and entertainment of a night time, so there was plenty to do. We must have drunk our weight in Mai Tai specials and Tequila Sunrises - the perks of all inclusive ;) However, one night we ventured out to the amazing beach bar that is Guaba, which I shall be doing a post on shortly .. ☺

Outdoor cinema

Sidecar and Mai Tai special 
Because there's so much I wanna show you guys, I'm gonna split my jolly holiday into separate posts, as I think one big one may be too much for you to handle. No offence intended ;) aha

 Hope you've enjoyed the first installment of my big adventure .. inabit (: .. ♣

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Jeremy Scott Fall 2012 Collection

JEREMY SCOTT video lookbook from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.

So Jezza's latest collection is here to view, in a cool video format ☺ 

I think that my favourite pieces are the amazing multi-coloured keyboard and crazy teddy-bear garments. Directed by Nabil Elderkin (@nabildo), this has gotta be one of my fave fashion vids to date.

  Need I say anything else? 

Saturday, 14 July 2012

What's in my suitcase?

So next Wednesday I'm jetting off to sunny Cyprus for a week, and I am so so so excited! It's a really big deal for me 'cause not only is it my first holiday away from my family (n'aaaw) it's also the first time I've been abroad. I know right, exciting stuff :3

Thought I'd share a few of my new purchases with you guys:

Miss Selfridge

Charity shop

Charity Shop

I found these both in the British Heart Foundation shop just the other day. There's always some great stuff with huge style potential in charity shops, so have a rummage around. Both of these top were £2.99 each.


These crops look great with a maxi on holiday, and will also work with a body-con skirt for an easy night out look.

Shoe Zone
My default colours for clothes are black and grey, so I decided to try something different with these cute bright white sandals. Bargain :3

Charity shop

Had to grab some of this stuff - it's gonna get humid over there which means my hair is gonna need a boost every now and then. I chose the XXL Volume one for this reason ;)

Joe Cool 

A gift

These are just a few things that will have a home inside my suitcase :) I'll also have a large array of shorts and skirts and my silky maxi dress I've yet to wear as it seems too exotic for England :') Oh, and of course sun cream, I'm hoping to come back tanned, not frazzled

Hope you like my newest holiday purchases ☺
Four days to go ... ♣

Monday, 9 July 2012

Wireless 2012

Yoyo! I am soooo tired, as this weekend was my first ever festival - Wireless :) 

The headliner was none other then the amazing Rihanna and everyone was of course super psyched for her set, but all the other acts on the Main Stage were great too. We saw: Cher Lloyd, Pitbull, Rizzle Ricks, Labyrinth, J Cole & Jessie J. We would have wandered off to have a look at the Pepsi Max and Unwind stages, but we were so tightly compacted we could barely move (like sardines). Plus, we couldn't risk losing our place :3

Jacket- Peacocks, Crop- Republic, Skirt- H&M,
Tights- Henry Holland , Boots- Hypnotic, Necklace- Jack's mom
I honestly didn't think it would be as muddy as it was. As a naive festival virgin, I made the mistake of wearing boots that had a hole in them, as I figured it wouldn't matter if they got wrecked in the crowd. My toes were swimming in mud all day and my feet looked zombified when I took my tights off. No joke, they were disgusting.
The weather was crazy- I've never seen it so erratic, it went from heavy rain to boiling sun. I had once laughed at those wearing the funny little plastic ponchos, I now realise they are necessary, and I desperately wanted one. I apologise :') 

Amazingly, that jewel stayed on my face all day.
My favourite performances were Cher, Jessie J, Labyrinth and of course, Rihanna. I didn't really rate Pitbull if I'm honest as a lot of his songs require the featuring artists to be there or they're kinda a bit, ahem, crap. So when Ne-yo came out to sing Give me everything with him, we all went mad! To his credit though, Pitbull did get the crowd going and people around us seemed to know the words to his songs, so props to him (:

As you know, I've already seen and loved Cher in concert before, and she did not disappoint this time. I'm really proud of her as it must be nerve-racking to perform on the main stage before greats like Rihanna, and she did an excellent job. I also went to Jessie J's concert last year, and she surpassed the performance she gave, which i didn't think was possible. Her voice is honestly incredible.

 I have a lot of pictures but most of them are kinda blurry, so I'll just share a few with you :) 

Labyrinth! I loved his shirt

Rizzle Kicks

J cole

Jessie blasting

The queen ;)

There were so many cool outfits at Wireless, but Alex and I couldn't help but notice quite a few 'Cheek Offenders' Not a good shorts to bum ratio. 'Nuff said.

So yeah, here's my Top Tips for surviving festival season:
Bring wellies. That's wellies, not Toms, like some unfortunate souls decided to wear

Bring a water-proof mac/poncho. It's England, it's going to rain.

Wiggle your way through. Instead of obviously pushing through the crowd and pissing people off, wait for it to loosen up a bit and wiggle your way through the gaps towards the front. It works.

♦ Don't not vacate your space for anything. You would not believe how many people at the front were being carried out, presumably because they felt sick. Okay, obviously if you're literally gonna puke or give birth or something, that's different.

So that's my festival experience. I could write more, but I've kinda written an essay already. I'm off to rest and munch my ultimate comfort food, noodles and soy sauce. Nothing beats it ♣

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Controversy over Jezza Scott's latest shoe

JS Roundhouse Mids.. racist?

As many of you will know, Jeremy Scott is my all time favourite designer because of his craziness and incredible unique ideas and designs. However, recent uproar over his latest shoe design for Adidas has caused the company to recall the product. So what could he possibly have done?

Check out the JS Roundhouse Mid, the latest handcuff design (as a reference to the handcuff's on a children's toy) that was announced in January. The taglines of the shoes are ones such as, 'Tighten up your style with the JS Roundhouse Mids', and 'Got a sneaker game so hot you lock your kicks to your ankles' However, only recently they have caused offence among many, who saw them as a reference to slavery, due to the chain and shackle look. Adidas defended Scott saying that, 'The design of the JS Roundhouse Mid is nothing more than the designer Jeremy Scott's outrageous and unique take on fashion and has nothing to do with slavery' and apoligised for any offence caused by them, but decided that it was best to cancel plans to make the shoes available on the market.
90's toy, My Pet Monster

Jeremy shared his inspiration for the trainers, a popular 90's toy and TV programme called My Pet Monster, which features similar colours to the design and it's own orange shackles. As the 90's trend is creeping back in, with many designers nodding to the era, you can see what Scott was trying to do. Also, he has said on numerous occasions cartoons are a huge source of inspiration for him, as you can see in his other collections.

So what do you guys think of the shoe? Personally, I really don't think Jeremy was intending to be racist at all. I see where his inspiration was derived and think it's just another one of his crazy designs. However, after the controversy I understand that they were recalled, as both Adidas and Scott have to protect their reputations. But When is it okay to talk about shackles, whips and chains? When it's in reference to sex, it seems fine, but fashion often causes controversy like this. Either way, I'm certain Jeremy meant no offence and was just trying to create a 90's inspired and cartoony design.  

What's your opinion on the issue? 


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