Saturday, 21 February 2015

February's Most Wanted

Bra ♦ Septum ring ♦ Scrunchie ♦ Boots ♦ Plimsolls ♦ iPhone case 

Hi guys, hope you're doing well! I've been back and forth to London for the last two weeks preparing for dressing at Catwalk Edit which kick-started LFW on Thursday. It was great fun, but we had to work fast! I discovered some amazing new brands and my model was just lovely. Anyway, I've finally slowed down enough to sit down and write up my February wish list, maybe you'll see something you like too.

At Catwalk Edit, I discovered the beautiful lingerie of Fred and Ginger. Bras are something I don't normally splash out on, but I just love this pretty pale pink one. I've lusted after faux septum rings for ages and I've finally found the perfect one - this delicate gold design. Unfortunately, this is actually for a pierced nose, but hopefully they will release a faux version, fingers crossed! I love these bow scrunchies; they look great with a high ponytail and wrapped around a messy bun. As you can never have enough pairs of shoes, I've sought out two totally different but equally as cool ones this month. First up, these hiker-style boots are perfect for everyday, effortless styling when you want to add a little tomboy edge to your outfit. Second, these plimsolls are kind of naughty, but I think they're awesome! I guess you'd just have to an choose the appropriate time to wear them. I recently joined the elite and got myself an iPhone, so I'm on the lookout for cute cases. As I have a 5C in green, I like to show off the colour so this clear one is perfect. 

Which is your favourite? 

Friday, 13 February 2015

Philosophy Kiss Me Tonight

I have always suffered with dry lips and no matter what I do - exfoliate, slaver with lip balm and Vaseline - I'm often left with them still cracked and flaky. However when Philosophy told me I had won their Facebook competition and could choose any product I liked, I took it as an opportunity to perhaps solve my problem and picked their lip therapy balm, kiss me tonight.

As soon as I applied it last thing at night, it felt smooth and cooling. It smells sweetly minty; like Kendall Mint Cake. When I woke up the next day, my lips felt reassuringly soft and flake free. I decided to apply some more in the morning as it was a cold day and I knew that wouldn't help my lips. 

I've tried Nivea, Vaseline and Carmex but nothing has ever really worked up until now. For £16 a tub it's not exactly cheap but I think once I'm all out I will repurchase as it really does the trick. In fact it's so brilliant my boyfriend has even had a sneaky go of it!

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