Thursday, 29 May 2014

Disney Goes FASHION

I am a huge art fan, fashion freak and what girl doesn't love a bit of Disney? Combine all three and I'm pretty much sold! I recently came across this amazing work by artist Sashiiko-Anti, or Sasha. She has imagined amazing couture style outfits inspired by Disney Princesses and Villains. The illustrations are so detailed and the thought that has gone into each design is meticulous from the shape of the dresses to the added embellishments, you can see that she has studied each character carefully in order to represent their personalities and original costumes. 

You have to view this image in full size to get the full impact of the delicate brush strokes and careful detail. I'm not sure I could pick a favourite but if I was pressed to choose a few I'd have to say I really love Ursula, Shan Yu, Ariel and Aurora, purely because of how creative the artist has been with the characters. The blended pink and blue of the Aurora dress is spot on, and the shape of the necklace is very similar to the classic. Just stunning!

Which is your favourite Disney couture design? 

Check out the artist's work here 

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