Tuesday, 20 January 2015

January's Most Wanted

Deer screen - Argos ♦ Mint lipstick - Lime Crime ♦ Vintage fawn jumper - Candy Candy ♦ I Origins DVD - Amazon ♦ Collar bib - River Island ♦ Flower globe pendant - Resity
So Christmas is well and truly over, but that doesn't mean I have to stop wishing for stuff! This month, I'm lusting over these lovely items. Have a look and see if anything takes your fancy too...

 I have no idea where I would put this decorative screen in my bedroom, but hey, lets just say I'm saving for my bottom drawer? Regular visitors of this blog will know that I've really got into to weird and wonderful lip colours, and my latest obsession is this gorgeous mint. This cute fawn sweater is on sale at the moment, and it's taking everything in me to not click and buy it - there's a high chance I will. I Origins is out on DVD and Bluray and, after seeing it with my best friend in the cinema, I'm desperate to get my hands on a copy. It's such a brilliant movie. And check out this collar bib - what a great idea! I really need to get myself one of these, maybe I could make one myself? And lastly, I'm in love with this beautiful globe pendant I found on Etsy by Resity. Their delicate jewellery is definitley worth a look and is pretty reasonable. 

What do you wish for this January?

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