Friday, 13 February 2015

Philosophy Kiss Me Tonight

I have always suffered with dry lips and no matter what I do - exfoliate, slaver with lip balm and Vaseline - I'm often left with them still cracked and flaky. However when Philosophy told me I had won their Facebook competition and could choose any product I liked, I took it as an opportunity to perhaps solve my problem and picked their lip therapy balm, kiss me tonight.

As soon as I applied it last thing at night, it felt smooth and cooling. It smells sweetly minty; like Kendall Mint Cake. When I woke up the next day, my lips felt reassuringly soft and flake free. I decided to apply some more in the morning as it was a cold day and I knew that wouldn't help my lips. 

I've tried Nivea, Vaseline and Carmex but nothing has ever really worked up until now. For £16 a tub it's not exactly cheap but I think once I'm all out I will repurchase as it really does the trick. In fact it's so brilliant my boyfriend has even had a sneaky go of it!

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