Saturday, 15 September 2012

A dreaded sunny day, so I meet you at the cemetery gates

I don't dread the sun, I just love The Smiths. And I couldn't think of a name for this post. Plus, Jack has been singing this song non-stop, literally, so it seemed appropriate enough.

How lucky are you guys, you get to see my milk-bottle legs again! I can't believe even the scorching sun of Cyprus couldn't give me a noticeable tan, I'm think I'm destined to be pale (but hopefully interesting) forever.
I don't wear this dress enough, but it really is one of my favourites. I don't care if it's supposed to be a going-out kind of dress, I'm going to wear it for a simple sunny day. So there ;) 

I do apoligise for the over-wear of these boots, but I just love them so much! You're likely to see them many many more times, but hopefully you like them as much as I do. When winter comes along, I will probably be wearing my cherry red genuine Docs too. Could they best the best kinda shoes ever? You be the judge :3

As I write this I'm not doing anything particularly interesting - just half-heartedly watching the X Factor and wrapping my argan-oil smothered hair up in a turbie towel. After watching a great video on here oils here, I decided to invest in a bottle for when my hair needs a deep conditioning. I'll will let you know what I think of it soon after a bit more use ☺

So yeah, not too exciting, but Freshers starts tomorrow, which means the party is just beginning. Okay, I'm not longer a fresher but that doesn't mean I can't act like one! My friend's boyfriend is starting at our uni this year, so I expect we'll be going out quite a lot, starting with tomorrrow night. I'll see if I can do a Freshers Week outfit post type- thing for you guys 

Hope you have a frantabulous weekend, inabit!

Top - River Island
Dress - Oh My Love, Clothes Show
Boots - Primark
Head-scarf - Not sure, sorry!
Watch - Jeremy Scott for Swatch

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