Thursday, 7 February 2013

Bringing back the Scrunchie!

If you were even to mention the long forgotten scrunchie a year ago, it's safe to say you'd be given some pretty severe looks of disgust. However, with the return of 90's fashion, you can be sure that the old school hair accessory is about to make it's own comeback. 
So, how exactly do you wear it this time around? This is how I'm going to rock mine...

The Pony 

In my opinion, the side ponytail is never gonna look good again. Side braid, yes, but I'm not for the full on Lady Sovereign look. So this time, I'm wearing it high. I'm not normally a fan of ponies, but I'm liking this; it keeps long hair out of the way and looks pretty cute. Instead of keeping it smooth, I'm channelling my '90's tween' and keeping my hair poofy and textured.

The Bun

The bun is everyone's go-to hair style, and it's easy to add a scrunchie to this look. Just create a coiled bun on the top of your head, or if you prefer, to the side and wrap it round. Simple and stylish.

The Minnie Mouse

The Minnie Mouse look, or double bun, is also a fun way to style up your scrunchie. This hairstyle just screams 90's too me; it's too cute for words. Easily done - pretty much the same as the basic bun, but there's two of 'em. Will you guys be trying this out?

Marc Jacobs designer scrunchie

Find this cute accessory at

Who knows what else will come back? Remember those cute sparkly butterfly clips? I'm pretty sure I still have some lying around, I might find myself digging them out soon enough ...

Remember, fashion fades, but style is eternal.

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