Sunday, 3 February 2013

Happy 1st Birthday

So today marks a momentous occasion - my blog's first birthday! 

I've been blogging since 2009 on my tumblr blog but decided to switch platforms exactly a year ago today. Looking through my archive, it's shocking how bad my photography was, and embarrassing that I didn't realise you could make the photos bigger until about August. Cringe. 

I wasn't sure how to 'celebrate' my blogiversary, but I thought is this is primarily a fashion blog, I could do an assortment of my favourite OOTD's of the year. So here they are, hope you like...

4th February 2012

My first outfit post - gosh my room looks messy :') This post was about making great outfits with long forgotten clothes, you can read it here 

20th June 2012 

This was from a photo-shoot myself and the girls went to at New ID studios. Pretty glamorous experience  Check it out here 

15th September 2012

Shock horror! It's actually sunny. This dress is amazing, I love to wear it casually like this was a loose top. Check out the original post here 

23rd October 2012

Another thrifty outfit - this beautiful shirt was from the Sack Sale. Read more here   

I love my new blog and can't believe it's already one. Big thanks to all my followers and readers who have kept me going, encouraged and inspired me :3

If my old posts are anything to go by it's hopefully just going to continue to develop and get better
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