Saturday, 27 July 2013

Disney Princess Engagement Rings

I'm not looking to tie the knot yet but after spying these beauties, I could be convinced sooner than expected! (just kidding, Jack). Every girl wants to feel like a princess, so what better time than when she's proposed to? Check out these elegant Disney engagement rings; each inspired by a different classic princess. 

I love the little details - from the tiny shells on Ariel's ring to the gorgeous rose on Belle's. It is so hard to pick a favourite; I think it's between Cinderella's, Belle's and Aurora's. Unfortunately, this is the only picture released so far, I'd love to see them from the front. No news yet on when or where the rings will be sold but I really can't wait to see them in person, even if it is to just stare and not wear! 

Are you enchanted by these stunning rings? Would you ever have a Disney engagement ring and of course, which is your favourite?

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