Friday, 20 September 2013

Get your geek on

Jacket - Sack Sale ♦ Tee - Primark ♦ Jeans - River Island ♦ Shoes - Topshop ♦ Bow - Rowfers ♦ Lippie -  Rimmel Starry Eyed
It's that time of year again - Freshers Week. You may be wondering where the obligatory OOTN posts are - well I'm afraid I won't be joining the newbies this year as my body has decided to fall prey to the plague. Or a head-cold, whichever. My system just can't handle illness and alcohol at the same time. Boo.

I have however managed to prop myself up long enough to do a little outfit post - it's been a while. A pretty standard look today but I wanted to show you my new sandals. How cute are these? I couldn't decide whether I should get them in black or burgundy but I came to the conclusion I had way too many dark clothes in my wardrobe and that a little colour would brighten it up. They're so sweetly geeky and totally appropriate for back to school/uni.

I really hope I feel better for next week; I don't want to be the annoying student sniffing loudly every five seconds during a lecture. Wish me luck for this final scary year and  erm, pass me a tissue? *sneeze*

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