Monday, 16 September 2013

September so far...

... has been rainy. Very rainy. It's made me quite fearful of stepping outside of my door, but I'm going to have to overcome that phobia soon as my third year at uni is just around the corner. It's kind of really scary to think that in a years time I'll be a proper grown-up, looking for a proper job. Yikes. 

It's probably just as scary for you guys starting uni too, it's a huge step up from school or college. You're probably nervous about workloads, deadlines and of course making new friends - maybe my advice will help you on that front ...? But seriously, just be yourself, have fun but above all, work hard. Yes, this sound quite boring but if you want to have a great time you've got to keep on top of your studies. It's not as hard as you've heard, promise! You can do it.

I couldn't choose which colour, so I got both ♦ My inspirational advice to all freshers starting uni... ♦ OOTN for Tori Kellyßclick the link! ♦ My bro baked - so good ♦ Funny-face speccy-twonk ♦ Rubicon Mango Swirl ice cream

Hope you have a super September ♣  

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