Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Autumn Ruffles

Jumper - Borderline Vintage ♦ Shorts - eBay ♦ Boots - Hypnotic ♦ Tights - Sainsbury's Thumb ring -  Claire's

If you're a regular visitor of the Palace, you'll know that I'm quite fond of shorts that look like pants. I don't mean the granny, Miley Cyrus-esque type, I'm referring to the french knicker style. I featured a cute pair from Primark here and I also have a grey pair from River Island. Yes, I am a fan. 

So it might not come as a huge shock to learn that I recently snapped up these cute shorts from eBay. Unlike my other pairs, these just feel more A/W; the thickness of the material, the creamy colour, they just work perfectly with a wooly jumper and a pair of boots. Speaking of boots, what do you think of mine? I was on a birthday present raid and was struck by these beauties. As a committed military boots hoarder, I knew I needed these in my repertoire. Unfortunately, these lovelies are the only thing I managed to find that day. Why do all the birthdays fall around this time of year?

By the way guys, I'm thinking about a hair change. About two years ago, I used to have ash blonde highlights all through my hair. I'm thinking about going back down the lighter route, but not quite so dramatically. I'm wondering about getting Jennifer Lawrence style highlights.. 

..Let me know what you think, I need advice! 

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