Saturday, 12 October 2013

'Why' Tee & Pink Leopard Leggings

♦ Tee - River Island ♦ Leggings - Republic ♦ Boots - Hypnotic ♦ Watch - Jeremy Scott for Swatch ♦
I need a new camera so badly. Don't worry, I'll be getting one soon, it's just I haven't quite picked out which one I want. Does anyone have any recommendations? Let me know ☺

I know about 80 per cent of my posts consist of me telling you guys all about the scary business of uni and how stressed I am, but .. yeah, that exactly. I've only been back for three weeks and I'm already praying for the Christmas break. I kid, it isn't that bad, it's just I'm feeling the workload creep up and realising how important this last year is. Certainly scary. 

But enough heavy stuff! Do you like my new tee? I already have a 'WHAT' top so I figured I may as well keep the theme going. The weather's getting colder which means I've had to dig out my boots. I love military boots; there was a time when I had at least four pairs but over time they've fallen apart. Rather devastating but at least I still have these lovelies. 

What's your go-to A/W item? 

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