Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Autumn is upon us

These pictures were taken hastily before uni today. Looking at them, you'd perhaps think it was a bright sunny day - no chance. The wind was awful today, my carefully sculpted hair was a knotted mess by the time I got to the bus station and I had to be extremely cautious that my skirt didn't betray my modesty. Eek.

Look at all the lovely Autumn leaves on the ground! I have to be honest, Autumn is the one season I've never actually had strong feelings about. If anything, I kind of disliked it, as it ushers in the end of summer and the huge gap to Christmas. I've been reading lots of blogs who have been celebrating the turning of the leaves, and I've decided to join them. Autumn is actually a really beautiful time of year, it's strange I've never really thought about it much. I'm enjoying it so far (:

Not a great deal has happened in the last week, although I have been given some articles to write for the uni paper The Thread, which I've really been looking forward to. I have already written a promo for the Band Night that's happening this Thursday and I'll be going along to that to cover it. As my regular readers will know, I'm kinda familiar with independent and local band, so I can't wait for that

Some of my necklaces in their new home Sorry it's a bit blurry
I'm disappointed that you can't see my robot necklace in the photographs. Like seriously? It's like it's disappeared. I swear I was wearing it, but for some reason it is invisible - huh. Very strange. Oh well, here it is.  I find it really funny that the boy robot has the Ecape button on it's tummy - it's kinda like when the girl says she want to move in together or something, he's got it there, ready to bail :')

I've had it for ages, but only recently have I organised all my necklaces. I'm notoriously untidy, so I've been giving my room a massive clean-up. My necklaces were wedged into a box all tangled up, so my mother had the ingenious idea of getting a noticeboard and pinning them onto it. I think they look quite pretty up there too, which is a bonus.

Have a good week bubalas! Yes, I've become a Jewish grandmother lately. 

Cardigan - Layers
Tee- Apple Bottom
Skirt - Topshop
Sparkly tights - from childhood
Shoes - Ebay
Watch - Jeremy Scott for Swatch
Robot necklace - Claire's 
Heart necklace - a gift
Deer Earrings - Clothes Show

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