Sunday, 7 October 2012

Chillin' in the dark

I'm so white.

Hello my little lovelies! Serious flash going on here, it was rather dark. My face is like a ghost's. I've had a somewhat inspiring week at uni, you see, over the holiday I'd been having a crisis about my future. You know the kind; freaking out about what you'll do after the degree - but my lecturers have kind of indirectly made me feel better about things, which is nice ☺

Jack called this picture 'Bot Blasting'  :')

Cardie - H&M, Tee - Red or Dead, Jeans - H&M, Boots - Hypnotic

You may have noticed I have a bobby pin attached to my tee. It might look a tad strange  but I find it one of the most convenient and useful places of keeping them - they are always there if you need them and you need never take them off, I often just shove them in the wash on my tops. Handy, no? :')

U-kiss - Break Time, U-kiss Only one, G-Dragon - Shine a light CD & DVD, SHINee - Hello (signed), United Cube - Hyuna, 4minute, Beast & G.NA, G-Dragon - Shine a Light book
What I've been listening to...
At the moment, I've mainly been cracking out my beloved Kpop. It's cheering me up through the post-summer blues. Here's my collection of Kpop CDs, I haven't bought a new one for quite some time aha. The last one I got was my United Cube CD, which is a compilation of singers and groups from the entertainment agency Cube. My friend and I were lucky enough to see these artists in concert up in London last Christmas, it was truly amazing! I won this signed SHINee album ages ago through Arirang radio competition.

 Don't you think Kpop CDs are so much prettier? You should see the inside of them

Anyways, hope you've had a great weekend
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