Saturday, 20 October 2012

The Sack Sale Shop

All my thrifty guys and girls LISTEN UP! 

If you live in the Birmingham area there is one shop you really must check out - The Sack Sale Shop. Situated in New Street, it's a huge vintage/thrift store where you pay five pounds for a bag and fill it up with whatever you can fit in it. No catch, it's as simple as that!

The downstairs is really cute; decorated with a little birdcage, collage and graffiti style wall art. Straight away, I felt like I'd stumbled into some sort of  magical realm. So pretty! There's a few bits and bobs to be had down here; a selection of clothes and hats mainly. but the real bulk of the treasure is just up the stairs.

 Upstairs, it is kinda like a organised mess. In fact, it is the definition of such. See for yourself...

Alex rummaging through the gems

All the piles are organised into categories  like Knits, Bottoms and Shirts. If you don't mind a bit of rummaging, and I'm assuming we all don't, it's clothes heaven. Where else can you get a sackful of goodies for a mere fiver? I also love the art on the walls, so creative. I'm pretty sure they actually advertise the local artists, so it's really worth checking out for that alone.

Awesome art and piles of stuff. Bliss ;D

My sack was so heavy I felt like Father Christmas. I can't wait to show all the lovely things I've picked up. So guys, if you near good ol' Brum, I really think you should check out.  I'm pretty sure it's only on until the 23rd of December, not sure if it's going for good or coming back, but either way, I'd get there fast.

I don't have a good picture of my sack. Oh dear, that came out wrong, but you get me. But you'll be seeing my purchases soon ☺

Have a splendid weekend Bubalas ..♣

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