Thursday, 20 December 2012

Big Bang Alive Tour London ♥♪


Where do I begin? I've been waiting for this for years, and it was hard to believe that it was finally here. One of my very very favourite Kpop groups Big Bang came to Wembley Arena in London, and of course I was going to be in attendance.

The tickets arranged so prettily 

This year has been crazy for Kpop; if it wasn't surreal enough that Psy is now an international star, imagine how it weird it felt being just metres away from the guys I thought I'd only see through a computer screen. Incredible.

There was a slight hiccup, a few songs into their set the steward who had shown us to our seats came over with two other girls and starting speaking to Alex. I assumed she'd made a mistake so ignored this, until I noticed Alex picking up her things. Apparently, the woman had made a mistake and took us to the wrong seats, ours were the other side of the arena! I was raging, as we had to run around other side of the building, missing most of Fantastic Baby in the process. Luckily, our rightful seats were in the exact same place, just the opposing side. Phew! We had a great view.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that they had a live band,  and were gracious enough to introduce the members towards the end of the set. The encore was definitely the best I've ever seen; consisting of a total of four songs. Taeyang finished the show by singing a snippet of All I want for Christmas is you, complete with topless dancing ;)

GD & T.O.P singing Knockout

Taeyang - Wedding Dress

I love how you can hear me going 'what's he saying' in this one :') 
Apologies if my squeals damaged your little ears

Seungri's attempt at the English accent was atrocious, but so cute and funny!
 Here he is teaching us how to dance to Fantastic Baby. You may also notice Taeyang has a bit of tissue stuffed up his nose, that's because he got a nosebleed mid-song, the poor dear. Still carried on like a pro, looking just so professional as you can see :')

To sum up, Big Bang's concert was without a doubt the best show I've ever seen, they performed brilliantly and really interacted with us VIPs and made us never want to leave. They promised they would be back, and I seriously cannot wait for that.
You can guarantee I'll be there ..
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