Wednesday, 26 December 2012


Hope you've all had a wonderful Christmas, I certainly have.


We weren't able to fit all the presents under the tree, and even then, we still had even more to put under! We were all completely spoiled - everyone bought really thoughtful lovely presents. I want to show you a few  gifts that my amazing family and friends gave me.

A few of  my Pressies! 

My best friend Alex bestowed the gift of a wonderful bag of goodies upon me. Let's take a look inside...

She knows me so well. I'm obsessed with all things nail-y. How cute are these? My favourite is the little cats! I've always wanted to get some for my nails and I can't wait to pair them up with a design.

These pens are more efficient then stripers, as they won't blotch as much. One is a fine liner pen and the other is a polish pen in a chrome-like grey colour. She also gave me a new black polish and awesome neon green. 

Check out this unusual eyeliner. I've never seen one like this before, when I first opened it I thought it was a pointy lipstick :') I look forward to using this, less messy than a liquid and less painful than a pencil. Perfect.

Nail foils! Look at the cute candy cane ones, so appropriate for Christmas. I seriously love the harlequin ones , they even match the gift bag. 

Ohmigosh, look at all those colours! I love these little pots; the pigments are really strong and vibrant. My favourite colour is the aqua green, but I'm also really liking the look of that shimmery bronze. Stay tuned!

The trend I've been longing to try - the caviar manicure! No, not literal fish eggs, but pretty pearly ball bearings that stick onto your nail polish to create a cool textured look.  

And lastly, some lovely earrings. I love the delicate silver dream-catchers and the bright doughnuts will be perfect when I'm feeling more playful ;3

Next present ...

How cute is this gorgeous bag? My sister Rosie picked this for me, in my favourite colour! It's supposed to be an owl, but I think the little button looks a bit like a nose, which makes him reminiscent of a little bush-baby or squirrel :3 I love it so much, I actually can't wait to use it! 

Next up ...

Here's the charm in it's box
You jelly? Here are my beautiful Vivienne Westwood earrings from my boyfriend Jack. Total shock! I couldn't believe it when I opened the package. He also hid my lovely new Pandora charm inside a Kinder Surprise egg, very creative, don't you think? 


Jack's nan also bought me a Westwood gift, Naughty Alice perfume. I've been wanting this for ages  and  it smells gorgeous. I love the cute charm it comes with. 

And finally ...

I finally have a sewing machine of my own! I'd been using my Nanny's old Singer up until now, which is beautiful and I love, but quite old and difficult to master. Now I'll be able to run up some mad creation with no trouble at all. Look forward to seeing what divine (ahem) things I come up with.

Christmas cats
So those are a few of my many pressies. I love my wonderful family and friends, I think it's safe to say this has been one of my best Christmases yet. I'll be off to spend my Christmas money soon as the sales are here My veggie Crimbo din dins was spot on; I ate so much and had another huge dinner on boxing day.
 It's likely I won't be fitting any of my clothes ;D

What did you guys get?
Enjoy the rest of the Christmas season ..
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