Sunday, 9 December 2012

It's been a funny old week...

... if the definition of funny has suddenly changed to TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY DREADFUL. Which it hasn't. So that point is pointless.  But yeah, it's been an arse of a week.

Everything has gone wrong this semester. So you guys know my documentary ended up being filmed with no sound? We managed to re-shoot it and edit the majority of the footage this week, which is great. However, now it seems my other module is in jeopardy due to issues beyond my control, so that's not good. Don't you hate how you do everything in plenty of time and last minute things blow up in your face?

♦ Editing our documentary ♦ Spotty socks & gold headphones - chillin'  Buddy's pizza - it'd be rude not to
♦ The Christmas countdown continues! ♦ Bad posing 'n' pouting 

At least I'm still getting away with paying child fare on the bus. However, I nearly had an issue the other day, when the bus pulled up at a stop and I heard that oh-so-rare and terrifying phrase: 'tickets and passes please'. Shit. I tried to look as causal as possible as I quickly flashed my ticket at the bearded inspector. For a second it seemed he was going to leave, and I'd be safe, but I saw him hesitate. Shit. 
Here's how the convo went:

Him: 'How old are you?'
Me (little kid voice on): 'Fifteen..'
'When's your birthday?'
'17th of December' (he waits for the year) '..1996.'
He stares suspiciously for a second ... then he leaves. Oh my lord.
Thank god that date was right.

So at the grand age of nineteen, I'm still able to pass for fifteen, thanks to my great (not so great) maths. It probably helps that I'm shorter than most of the pre-teens and mid-teens out there.

Looking extremely calm despite the stress ;')

Hope your weeks have all been better than mine, have a good one..

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