Monday, 21 January 2013

URB Melting Tights

New year, new trends. And this one's got everyone divided. Say hello to melting tights.

Created by edgy German brand URB using a mixture of latex and baby powder, these funky tights are supposed to look like colour is literally melting down your legs. They even make them for men!
 Certainly unique. 

So the big question, would you wear these?
How cute are these?

Really love these ones!

I'll tell you where I am on this look. I'm usually all for grunge, but I'm not sure I could rock the black and white ones, I'd feel like I'd eaten a panda and messed myself, but they look great on the model. I absolutely adore the subtle glittery ones, you guys know I'm all about the sparkle right now and these are gorge! I'm totally tempted to get a pair. There's also pastel pinks and purple over white tights which will look adorable with a skater skirt ♥ 

So what's your thoughts? Personally, I'm gonna declare myself a fan, so long as they don't make them in red...

Check out URB 
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