Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Student Style

Posin' hell

I haven't done an outfit of the day post in quite a long while, uni has really got in the way of everything; my social life, my blog, my sanity! Luckily, the Easter holidays are on their merry way, so I'll have plenty of time to chill and give my little old blog some attention. 

Just your bog standard uni outfit today - but I really wanted to show you guys my new cardie. I love the pastel colours, they remind me of the coloured cotton balls we used to have when I was little. Anyone remember those? No? Just me then. Either way, I've totally been over-wearing it, but I don't care!

Don't you just love these ankle cuffs? They look really cute with trainers, though my mom thinks they look like a criminal's electronic tags. Personally, I think they're more like pigeon tags :') 

Cardigan - Primark
Tee - Bank
Jeans - River Island
Trainers - Hypnotic
Ankle Cuffs - eBay

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