Tuesday, 5 November 2013


All photographs by Ivory Jar

As you know, I'm a huge fan of independent brands, mainly because I find they're often much more unique and interesting than your regular high street names. And I promise you, they don't get more unusual than Ivory Jar.

Ivory Jar is a clothing brand for all those who like a little of the darkside. The tops and sweaters are to die for; my favourite shirt has to be the controversial Beyond Christ, it would like amazing with a silver pleated skirt and ankle boots! If, like me, your wardrobe is pretty much black and white, this brand is for you. With a few pasty lavender and pink colours thrown in, the clothing mostly consists of dark and light, which is perfect for the girl (or guy) or prefers neutral colours with bold accessories. And boy, are these accessories bold. 

What makes Ivory Jar so different - apart from the witchy designs - is their jewellery range. In addition to jagged rock pendants and heavy chains, the range also includes an array of accessories featuring hand-cast resin bone designs. My personal highlight is the Deer Jaw necklace, complete with gold teeth! It's completely crazy, yet somehow it just works.

If you're into Ivory Jar's dark designs, check out their website by clicking below ♣ 

 Ivory Jar 

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