Sunday, 17 November 2013

Casual heels

Coat - Peacocks ♦ Jeans - River Island ♦ Tee - Miss Selfridge ♦ Boots - Topshop ♦ 

Headband - Claires ♦ Skull bracelet - Charity shop ♦ Black star bracelet - a gift ♦ Necklace - a gift 

Hey guys! Wow, my hair looks so red on the ends here. I have weird hair - it looks a completely different colour in varying lights. A quick flick through my blog posts and you'll see that, it's really odd. Do I look like I'm wearing a bandage round my head? If it does, I still like it. This OOTD actually is something that's got me thinking.. what's the protocol on wearing heels casually? I often see girls who confidently strut around town in heeled shoes, but I myself have always felt overdressed. I'm currently trying to overcome this for three main reasons 1. I've always loved the look, 2. I'm a short-arse and 3. I've been inspired by one of my favourite vloggers/bloggers Sammi (aka Beautycrush) If you aren't already subscribed to her Youtube or read her blog please do, she's such an inspiration both fashion and life wise.

Anyway, what's your opinion on wearing heeled boots or shoes for everyday? I'm really curious what your thoughts on this are - are heels something that should be left for the night time or is it okay for us girls to wear them out for lectures? I say if it makes you feel good, wear it whatever anyone else thinks!
 Let me know what you think

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