Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Check out ... Kyla La Grange

It's not easy to find proper music these days. By proper music, I mean instruments, not computers - and voices, not auto-tune. Sure, it serves it's purpose in a club when you just wanna let loose and dance, but if you're anything like me, it doesn't quite cut it when you just wanna chill to something a bit more, er, meaningful sounding. Enter Kyla La Grange.

It was her style that drew me in first. Known as the 'Watford Witch,' she looks so grungy yet glam and I absolutely love her hair, it's exactly how I'm wanting mine right now! According to an interview in Company mag, she has her mom to thank for her rockin style - she borrows her mother's old '70's clothes and weird pendants. I hoped that her tunes would live up to her cool image, and luckily, she delivers gold with a gothy sound. She has raspy yet sweet and strong vocals over her melodies. She kinda reminds me of Kate Bush. 

The Kyla songs I've listened aren't exactly perky, so it's not really the kinda vibe for a party, but it's perfect for winding down with your iPod and indulging. It's just the right amount of darkness and catchy-ness, so will appeal to most, especially if you're an Adele fan and like sad songs. I'm totally a fan of her, she's helping to usher in the new age of real music.

This is her latest single Vampire Smile, which she says was written about someone she really liked so much it was driving her mad. Ouch, love hurts. Check it, it's not as Twilight-y as it sounds, it's cool :)) Her album, Ashes, is out on June 30th.

Let me know what you think of her

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