Tuesday, 5 June 2012

What I really want ... Bright jeans

Yo Yo guys! As I predicted, the sunny weather was short-lived - it's actually raining outside as I type. So depressing and grey, I need some colour to perk me up. I've always been a leggings girl, but after purchasing my mint jeans, I've been desperate for more colours, and Topshop has answered my prayers with a sale

Here's just a few of my favourites from the site. All of these beauties are now a very affordable £25. I'm planning to get the pastel peppermint blue ones, as they are such a pretty colour and will go with loads of stuff.Okay, I know I should probably be looking for dresses and shorts, but I just can't help lusting after these, and they are such lovely summery colours :) Check out Topshop's site for more colours.

 Oh, by the way, remembered when my laptop got stolen from my boyfriend's house? Well I've finally got the insurance money and am now speaking to you lovelies from my brand spanking shiny laptop. It's exactly the same as my old one, it's like it was never gone :3

Anyways, this is my lust of the month ...♥

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