Monday, 9 July 2012

Wireless 2012

Yoyo! I am soooo tired, as this weekend was my first ever festival - Wireless :) 

The headliner was none other then the amazing Rihanna and everyone was of course super psyched for her set, but all the other acts on the Main Stage were great too. We saw: Cher Lloyd, Pitbull, Rizzle Ricks, Labyrinth, J Cole & Jessie J. We would have wandered off to have a look at the Pepsi Max and Unwind stages, but we were so tightly compacted we could barely move (like sardines). Plus, we couldn't risk losing our place :3

Jacket- Peacocks, Crop- Republic, Skirt- H&M,
Tights- Henry Holland , Boots- Hypnotic, Necklace- Jack's mom
I honestly didn't think it would be as muddy as it was. As a naive festival virgin, I made the mistake of wearing boots that had a hole in them, as I figured it wouldn't matter if they got wrecked in the crowd. My toes were swimming in mud all day and my feet looked zombified when I took my tights off. No joke, they were disgusting.
The weather was crazy- I've never seen it so erratic, it went from heavy rain to boiling sun. I had once laughed at those wearing the funny little plastic ponchos, I now realise they are necessary, and I desperately wanted one. I apologise :') 

Amazingly, that jewel stayed on my face all day.
My favourite performances were Cher, Jessie J, Labyrinth and of course, Rihanna. I didn't really rate Pitbull if I'm honest as a lot of his songs require the featuring artists to be there or they're kinda a bit, ahem, crap. So when Ne-yo came out to sing Give me everything with him, we all went mad! To his credit though, Pitbull did get the crowd going and people around us seemed to know the words to his songs, so props to him (:

As you know, I've already seen and loved Cher in concert before, and she did not disappoint this time. I'm really proud of her as it must be nerve-racking to perform on the main stage before greats like Rihanna, and she did an excellent job. I also went to Jessie J's concert last year, and she surpassed the performance she gave, which i didn't think was possible. Her voice is honestly incredible.

 I have a lot of pictures but most of them are kinda blurry, so I'll just share a few with you :) 

Labyrinth! I loved his shirt

Rizzle Kicks

J cole

Jessie blasting

The queen ;)

There were so many cool outfits at Wireless, but Alex and I couldn't help but notice quite a few 'Cheek Offenders' Not a good shorts to bum ratio. 'Nuff said.

So yeah, here's my Top Tips for surviving festival season:
Bring wellies. That's wellies, not Toms, like some unfortunate souls decided to wear

Bring a water-proof mac/poncho. It's England, it's going to rain.

Wiggle your way through. Instead of obviously pushing through the crowd and pissing people off, wait for it to loosen up a bit and wiggle your way through the gaps towards the front. It works.

♦ Don't not vacate your space for anything. You would not believe how many people at the front were being carried out, presumably because they felt sick. Okay, obviously if you're literally gonna puke or give birth or something, that's different.

So that's my festival experience. I could write more, but I've kinda written an essay already. I'm off to rest and munch my ultimate comfort food, noodles and soy sauce. Nothing beats it ♣

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