Saturday, 14 July 2012

What's in my suitcase?

So next Wednesday I'm jetting off to sunny Cyprus for a week, and I am so so so excited! It's a really big deal for me 'cause not only is it my first holiday away from my family (n'aaaw) it's also the first time I've been abroad. I know right, exciting stuff :3

Thought I'd share a few of my new purchases with you guys:

Miss Selfridge

Charity shop

Charity Shop

I found these both in the British Heart Foundation shop just the other day. There's always some great stuff with huge style potential in charity shops, so have a rummage around. Both of these top were £2.99 each.


These crops look great with a maxi on holiday, and will also work with a body-con skirt for an easy night out look.

Shoe Zone
My default colours for clothes are black and grey, so I decided to try something different with these cute bright white sandals. Bargain :3

Charity shop

Had to grab some of this stuff - it's gonna get humid over there which means my hair is gonna need a boost every now and then. I chose the XXL Volume one for this reason ;)

Joe Cool 

A gift

These are just a few things that will have a home inside my suitcase :) I'll also have a large array of shorts and skirts and my silky maxi dress I've yet to wear as it seems too exotic for England :') Oh, and of course sun cream, I'm hoping to come back tanned, not frazzled

Hope you like my newest holiday purchases ☺
Four days to go ... ♣

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