Saturday, 28 July 2012

Cyprus times - Atlantica Oasis

Mwah! Greetings from Cyprus

I'm back from Limassol in Cyprus and I've had the most amazing time! Get ready for some serious picture posting, apologies for any envy it causes ;D

As you guys know, this was my first time abroad and I was in the trusted company of my boyfriend Jack and best friend Alex (check her blog here). We chose to stay at the Atlantica Oasis hotel at the Atlantica Gardens apartments. The staff were really friendly (big up Morris) and the rooms were comfortable and clean. I had read some reviews of the gardens that made me anxious as they weren't exactly glowing, but honestly, I have no idea what their problem was.

The Three bears beds :3
 This is the only review you need to listen to if you're going 'cause this is 100% accurate ;)
  I think what sparked the reviews was that people expected to be in the main hotel as it's not obvious when booking. Plus, we were only shown pictures of the main hotels rooms, and they are quite different. Our room had three beds placed close together, flat screen tv (watched E entertainment all the time) with a dressing table, desk, balcony and en suite bathroom complete with shower and bath. A maid cleaned our room each and every day and replaced our towels.

The Gardens pool
The gardens had their own pool as well; a smaller and quieter area with a bar and small round pool. All in all, the hotel had five pools - the gardens, the main pool, the kid's pirate pool, the indoor spa pool and the adult pool. 

Main pool

The dining room

The hotel featured an outdoor cinema, spa and gym, many bars and entertainment of a night time, so there was plenty to do. We must have drunk our weight in Mai Tai specials and Tequila Sunrises - the perks of all inclusive ;) However, one night we ventured out to the amazing beach bar that is Guaba, which I shall be doing a post on shortly .. ☺

Outdoor cinema

Sidecar and Mai Tai special 
Because there's so much I wanna show you guys, I'm gonna split my jolly holiday into separate posts, as I think one big one may be too much for you to handle. No offence intended ;) aha

 Hope you've enjoyed the first installment of my big adventure .. inabit (: .. ♣
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