Monday, 30 July 2012

Cyprus times - Where to go

In our week in Limmesol, we tried to fit in as much activities as we could, whether they were at the hotel or outside. So if you ever travel to the great land that is Cyprus, here's my little guide of where you check out

Old Town

If you fancy a bit of traditional-ness and a place to get some great souvenirs, you should visit the Old Port town in Limmesol. It's a short bus journey from the hotel. We didn't actually go inside as we got a bit tired after hours of exploring but there's a museum of the castle that you can visit for about 3.50 euros.

There are many traditional looking buildings, cafes and food stores. Also, there is a display of fish photography with information which is pretty cool to look at. We went to a really nice food shop where you could sample the treats on display. 
Cyprus Delight is yummy :D

Jack enjoying the sun 

There was also this amazing fabric shop. I had hoped to take a few metres home, but there were a bit pricey. However, if you've got the money spare, there's many fabric and lace shops that you can get some great stuff from.

The Beach

We visited three beaches while on holiday, but I'm afraid I have a lack of pictures. Was having too much fun, ya see ;)  To get to this particular beach we had to get on a bus which was 1 euro for a ticket, 3 euro for a day ticket. No bad at all, when compared to the crazy prices we get here. This beach is great for sunbathing and paddling in the water.

There is a little beach right by the hotel, where you can hire pedalos, jet-skis, yelloboats and banana boats. We had a great time on our pedalo and Jack even used the slide to jump into the sea :) Alex and I even did a bit of swimming in the sea, as it wasn't too deep and very clear, so I didn't tread on any jellyfish - yay.

Beautiful weather 

Fasouri Waterpark

This is one place I totally recommend you go to. It cost 29 euro for a ticket from our holiday rep and the coach cost 2.50 euro. It is definitely worth it, even if I did skip some of the scarier rides... :3

Our hotel even made us a packed lunch

What was cool about these rides is that you sat inside a rubber ring to go down, so no scraping of the back. Plus, you could go in double and even triple tubes, so we all got to ride together which was great for me, as I'm a massive wimp :3

The Big Orange

So that's my pick of the best places in Limmesol :) Actually there is one more, GUABA, but I'm gonna do a seperate post on that, as I feel it deserves one :3 

Look forward to more holiday posts ..♣
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