Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Shiny Stuff

Jack's computer room has kind of become my latest 'photo-shoot' venue, mainly because it's too cold outside and we tend to take the pictures late at night. When night comes round, we're always in here watching clips from some horrific horror film or cartoons from bygone days. 

However, we decided to venture outside and go out for a proper grown up meal with another grown up couple, as we're all proper grown ups, obvs. We went to an Indian buffet called Johnny Spice and it was really lovely, plenty of veggie choices, which I find is quite rare, normally there are only a few so it was nice to try lots of different dishes.

Is it just me or does this jacket feel very 80's? I'm wearing so much shiny stuff recently, including that shirt. Blame it on the Sack Sale. Gonna need lots of sparkle to get me through this degree.

Speak laters ..

Jacket - Sack Sale
Top - Charity Shop
Bottoms - River Island 
Shoes  - Urban Outfitters
Watch - Jeremy Scott for Swatch
Bracelet - Pandora
Other bracelets - random, 
sorry dunno where they came from :')
Earrings- Vivienne Westwood
 (okay, you can't really see them here, but how could I not mention them?)

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