Monday, 14 January 2013

Where there's music & there's people & they're young & alive

First night out of 2013 - Laura's 20th!

Sorry for the grainy pics, they were taken on my friend's iPod just before we went out so we were in quite a rush. Here I am in the lushest Premier Inn room I've ever stopped in. Okay I don't have a wide experience of bed and breakfasts, but trust, Lenny Henry wasn't lying to us.

Anyways, what on earth am I talking 'bout? Enough about the room. More about the night.

Jacket - Sack Sale Top - River Island Skirt - H&M Shoes - Irregular Choice 
Socks - Topshop Bodychain - Miss Selfridge

Blurry, sorry
It was a great night - we started off in Brindley Place, drinking wine and mixers in bars and headed up the Broad Street, ready to party. I finally got to Gatecrasher - and it lived up to my expectations. All in all, we had a smashing time and I slept like a baby that night. Unfortunately, the hangover kicked in about two o'clock the next afternoon. I felt like death. So weird, as I didn't feel that drunk at all on the night. Don't you hate how that happens.

Here's all of us having a gay ol' time
Group pic 
Happy Birthday Laura!

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