Sunday, 21 April 2013

I'm listening to ...Nina Nesbitt

A lot of you may know Nina Nesbitt, aka singer/songwriter of Stay Out and Ed Sheeran's latest gal pal. And I'm girl crushing hard.  

A while back, I heard Boy while browsing Youtube and presently shoved it straight on my iPod - and I'm ashamed to say I kind of forgot about it. Recently I heard a familiar sweet voice on the chart show - and there was wee Nina was her latest hit Stay Out. Needless to say, my love affair with Miss Nesbitt was well and truly rekindled. 

18 year old Scottish Nina has already supported both Ed Sheeran and Example and is now making her own waves in the music scene, so far reaching an impressive 21 on the official chart with Stay Out. What I find shocking is that her 2012 debut single Boy only reached 139 on the chart, I mean what?! This song is amazing, the lyrics are deep and sparkling with emotion and of course her beautiful voice is totally addictive. Seriously, I've had this song on repeat so much I'm surprised I haven't broken it. Check it.

I love Nina's style in Stay Out, it's right up my street. Also got some serious hair envy. But yeah, the music. Still acoustic  folky and upbeat, it's literally just the perfect getting ready, chilling out tune and I love the fact that she gets ID'd in the vid. Some verisimilitude, I like it! 

She tackles the issues that most of us girls go through, but she spins them into insightful and enchanting songs with innocently ethereal vocals. Plus, she's a total style icon. Definitely one to watch, and perfect music for Summer. You will love. 

You'll enjoy if you like

Ed Sheeran ♦ Gabrielle Aplin ♦ Ellie Goulding ♦ Belle and Sebastian 

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