Friday, 5 April 2013

So.. this is Spring?

If you recognise this outfit, it's because it's from the same day I took the picture for my lip butter review. As you can see in these pics, the horrible snow returned, but thank goodness it has now melted and the sun seems to be putting in an appearance. It's still by no means warm, but it's a start to Spring I guess.

University, eh. Who'd in their right mind would go? Even when I'm supposed to be chilling on my Easter holiday, I'm constantly thinking about it! I'll be honest, this holiday hasn't really been the best, for many different reasons. Here's hoping for better times from now own.

However one very lovely thing during the break was that I visited my friend Jordan in London for a few days and had a blast. We went to art galleries and did a spot of shopping, in addition to some rather experimental cooking. Back to the reality of the Midlands now, boo.

Hope you've had a great Easter

Hairband - Claire's
Earrings - a gift
Cardigan - Primark
Dress - Layers
Shoes - Red
Tights - no idea, they're old school

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