Monday, 29 April 2013

My week

Despite the fact all my uni deadlines are coming up fast, I've been out twice this week. Unfortunately I didn't get an OOTN done for either night, sorry guys, but I was running late on both evenings! Instead I have a little week in pictures thingy-ma-bob. Well, I haven't done one in a while

♦ Strawberry lace cocktail with Nat & Rachel ♦ Laura & I ♦ Snarling ♦ Sophie & I ♦ Cartoon nails ♦ Natalie & I ♦ I was red ♦ 

These days, I don't go out as much as I used to and well, it makes me feel like a bit of a Grandma.  That's why this week has been a welcome break from the worry of deadlines. Wednesday was my gal pal Vikki's birthday, so we came out for surprise drinks and had a splendid time. Had to be in uni the next day but we're hardcore like that, obviously. 
Saturday night started off great but the remainder of the evening could have gone smoother - the taxi could have turned up on time and the second club could have been less dead and less infested with under-agers, but never mind. Luckily I was in good company, which made the night. The important thing is I broke in my new lace top and my Missguided lime skater skirt, which you can see and purchase here

As you can see, I've been suffering for my best buddy's art yet again. I must confess I'm a fan of the wig, but that red paint is a bitch to get off, trust. I'm sure Alex will display the wonderful pictures on her blog at some point and you can check that out here

Do you like my cartoon nails? I was inspired by Cutepolish's recent tutorial, I think she's amazing. However I'm kind of hoping you don't watch the video, as her work makes my attempt look like crap. In my defence  they got a little messed up after a weekend of cafe work. Give them ago, they're super easy!

 So that's my week. I'm off to get a cup of tea and go ham on my stupid assignment. 
Not long now, Alice. Not long now...

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