Saturday, 14 December 2013

Christmas Shopping

I have no idea what this robot was trying to advertise. He just wandered about the town making odd noises.
Jumper - Boohoo ♦ Shorts - eBay ♦ Shoes - Topshop ♦ Headband - Claires ♦ Necklace - Narzipan 

I visited Stafford today to get as much shopping out of the way as I could; I'm ashamed to say I hadn't bought one present. In my defence, for the past few weeks I've been trying to get all my assignments done and I honestly Christmas presents were pretty low on my list of priorities. There was a lovely Christmas market in the square with all sorts of handmade and creative gifts. It was a pretty productive day as practically all my presents are sorted, just a few little bits and bobs to pick up now. Phew! 

How have you guys been getting on with Christmas shopping
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