Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Christmas, New Year & Beyond

First Buddy's Pizza of 2014 - BBQ base, sweet corn & pineapple
Rudy in his high-vis jacket at Jack's nan's - hasn't he grown a lot from my last post?

Isn't my Salvador Dali clock amazing - I have my lovely sister to thank for this! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas - I had a great time and some lovely presents including a brand new TV! However we were all really unwell - I'm not exaggerating but by Boxing Day I felt like I'd been poisoned and I promise you this sickness was not self-inflicted (i.e I had not been drinking). I sincerely hope none of you come down with this illness, it was so horrible.

Luckily, I was feeling better by New Years Eve but I didn't really fancy going out - it's too expensive, too cold and to be honest, too overrated. Instead, I went with my boyfriend to give his nephew's their Christmas presents and later with my sister and I went to my brother's and his girlfriend's flat to eat pizza and watch films. On New Years Day we went for dinner with my cousins and aunt and uncle which was lovely. Afterwards when we returned home we watched Cabaret and scoffed chocolates.

I can't remember if I told you guys this but I'm going to Paris on the 10th for a weekend, it's my friend's 21st and I can't wait! I've been desperately been searching for a nice faux fur coat for the occasion but I haven't been able to find any recently, do you guys have any suggestions?

Thanks guys and I hope you had a lovely holiday
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