Thursday, 19 April 2012

Disturbing London in Selfridges

Sorry about my lack of posts, still laptop-less but should be sorted soon-ish. Had to blog this as this really funky news that I'm sure you guys will love. Tinie Tempah's clothing label, Disturbing London has landed at Selfridges! As Tinie's been voted The Best Dressed Male at the GQ Awards, I'd certainly take his style advice, and this label doesn't disappoint. 

I don't often blog about menswear, but I think this label is so cool and honestly, it wouldn't deter me from wearing it. In fact, I need one of those hoodies! Considering how flyy the female model looks, I'm saying we could make it uni-sex ;D It is predominately a guys label, but there are a few tees for girls also, like the tea-cup one up thereee ↑

I love this collection so much, the logo is really cool and cute and the colours are simple and let the designs do the talking. He has based the look around the Americana look that we're seeing so much of right now and wanted it reflect the layers of him, calling it 'high-end street-wear'. I'm sold. I want everything. Not for my boyfriend, for me!

What do you think of the label? Would you wear it or leave it with the boys? 

Check out the store below 

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