Sunday, 1 April 2012

Picnic in the Park

Rockin' my princess dress ;)

Happy April everyone!

Not really an outfit post, but I thought I'd just share these pictures with you of the beautiful sunshine in Tamworth as a nice start to Spring officially beginning :) This weekend, Jack and I went for a drive and ended up having a picnic of Subway, crisps and cookies in the park. Even though the sun was lovely, I tend to feel the cold and even the slightest breeze causes me to keep my jacket on :'] It seemed as though a fair was being set up, so if you live anyway near Tamworth, it's certainly worth checking out when that begins :)

Last year, I bought the most amazing tortoiseshell and green sunglasses from Claire's, but they miraculously disappeared, much to my disappointment. However, last night, shock horror! There they were, sitting on top of Jack's bookshelf, right next to my Skullcandy headphones. I swear he is stealing all of my possessions bit by bit. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring them out with us, so I was slightly squinty all day, but oh well. Apologies for the pout, it's my default picture face :3 
What have you guys been up to this weekend?
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