Friday, 13 April 2012

How I'm rockin' black dalmatian creepers

Happy Friday 13th guys ;D
I literally think I have an addiction to creepers... but who cares when they look as good as this! As I loved my white Demonia ones so very very much, I decided it was time I got some black ones - but I just couldn't resist the ones with the dalmatian tongue detail ;) When I first got my creepers, most people thought they were weird looking, but recently I've noticed quite a lot of people wearing them. I knew they were gonna come in ;)

I think the reason I love creepers so much is because I'm a punky girl at heart and they just make me feel like a bad ass, although I'm not even slightly :') I just love the geeky, clunky look they give to girly skirts and dresses, but they also look pretty snazzy with the right pair of leggings.

This is how I'll be rockin' them.

T-shirt- Cher concert, Belt - Market, Leggings - Topshop, Watch - Jeremy Scott for Swatch Creepers- Ebay.

Styling the creepers with velvet leggings and my Cher Lloyd tee with a studded belt to keep it cool ;)

Shirt - River Island, Dress (worn as top) -H&M, Skirt - H&M, Watch - as before, Creepers- as before.

Creepers always look flyy with a pretty skirt or dress.

Sweater - River Island, Shorts- New Look, Watch - as before, Creepers - as before.

Try them with shorts and a baggy top too.

There's loads of things that you can wear with them, but here are just a few examples :)
If you guys want (and let's face it, need) creepers in your life, and you want them cheap, get yourselves on ebay, there's loads at amazing bargains, even labels like Demonia are cheap, and new in the box. Checkit now!

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